Ryan Kearns

Welcome to the Social Studies home page. For more information on the Social Studies department, please contact our department chair - Ryan Kearns at ryan.kearns@ignatius.org or by phone at 312.432.8706. For a complete faculty and staff contact list, please visit our Contact Info page.

Kearns, Ryan Department Head ryan.kearns@ignatius.org 312.432.8706
Bulmann, Sandie Teacher sandie.bulmann@ignatius.org
Cashman, Mike Teacher michael.cashman@ignatius.org
Chandler, John Teacher john.chandler@ignatius.org 312.432.8350
Evensen, Anthony Teacher tony.evensen@ignatius.org
Flynn, Matthew Teacher matthew.flynn@ignatius.org
Haleas, Diane Teacher diane.haleas@ignatius.org
Harweger, Drew Substitute Teacher drew.harweger@ignatius.org
John, OP, Sr. Elizabeth Teacher sisterelizabeth.john@ignatius.org
Jones, Will Teacher will.jones@ignatius.org
McPherson, Nathan Teacher nathan.mcpherson@ignatius.org
Miller, Matthew Teacher matthew.miller@ignatius.org
Monroe, Matt Teacher matt.monroe@ignatius.org
Morrow, Josh Teacher josh.morrow@ignatius.org
Owens, James Teacher james.owens@ignatius.org

Social Studies Curriculum Guide

Social Studies Course Sequence Flow Chart