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Saint Ignatius College Prep
1076 West Roosevelt Road
Chicago, Illinois 60608-1594
tel. (312) 421-5900
fax. (312) 421-7124

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Angelo, Dominic
Caruso, SJ, Michael President 312.432.8344
Chandler, John Vice-President 312.432.8350
Cheung, Bryan
Doyle, Cara
Fern, Richard 312.432.8548
Gleason, Gregory Treasurer 312.432.8310
Heraty, Allison
Kearns, Ryan 312.432.8706
Latko, Brianna Principal 312.432.8308
Luby, Erin 312.432.8306
McGovern, Patricia 312.432.8421
McPherson, Nathan 312.432.8532
O'Connor, John john.o'
Owens, James 312.432.8588
Paluch, Rose 312.432.8322
Ramos, Eric 312.432.8501
Carney, Elizabeth Director of Admissions 312.432.8411
Cashman, Mike Admissions Recruiter 312.432.8304
Coleman, Karen Campus Visit Coordinator 312.432.8409
Paulus, Emily Admissions Recruiter 312.432.8401
Eastman, Erik Assistant Athletic Director 312.432.8442
Ickes, Paul Athletic Director 312.432.8355
McGovern, Patricia Assistant Athletic Director 312.432.8421
College Counseling
Schmidt, Kurt Director of College Counseling 312.432.8352
Middendorf, Ellen Administrative Assistant 312.432.8351
Miranda, Margaret College Counselor 312.432.8443
Weiss, Susan College Counselor 312.432.8353
Dean's Office
Kriz, Bob Dean of Students 312.432.8309
Balogh, Margie School Nurse 312.432.8331
Cashman, Mike Paraprofessional 312.432.8304
Fern, Richard Paraprofessional 312.432.8548
Johnston, Mark Paraprofessional 312.432.8599
O'Connor, Sean Dean of Students sean.o' 312.432.8431
Pagels, Kim Administrative Assistant 312.432.8313
Ramos, Eric Paraprofessional 312.432.8501
Development Office
Chandler, John Vice-President 312.432.8350
Arimond, SJ, James Alumni Chaplain 312.432.8428
Avena, Catherine Director of Accounts 312.432.8341
Bergin, Ryan Director of Public Relations 312.432.8402
Cahill, Stephen Major Gifts Officer 312.432.8517
Caruso, SJ, Michael President 312.432.8344
Cesak, Christine Programs Associate 312.432.8412
Folkrod, Kathleen Programs Associate
Luzzi, Alice Director of Parent Gifting 312.432.8404
McArdle, Adrienne 312.432.8417
McDonald, Megan Events Coordinator 312.432.8347
Stephens, David Development Accounts Manager 312.432.8321
Welsh, Elizabeth Annual Fund and Board of Regents 312.432.8348
Hutchinson, Sarah Department Head 312.432.8513
Claudon, C. David Teacher 312.432.8587
Delaney, PhD, Jane Teacher 312.432.8589
Doherty, Megan Teacher 312.432.8512
Ernst, Ed Teacher 312.432.8558
Harris, Robert Teacher 312.432.8571
Hoarty, John Teacher 312.432.8535
Jarvie, Scott Teacher 312.432.8545
McKenna, Thomas Teacher 312.432.8549
Schmiedeler, Wendy Teacher 312.432.8354
Siegler, Craig Teacher 312.432.8516
Turkowski, Rachel Teacher 312.432.8562
Wagenschutz, Elizabeth Teacher 312.432.8563
Wisniewski, Philip Teacher 312.432.8461
Fine Arts
Schneider, Mary Ellen Department Head 312.432.8572
Bellie, Kevin Teacher 312.432.8307
Lee, Renee Teacher 312.432.8514
Ness, Teegan Teacher 312.432.8503
Steffen, Jason Teacher 312.432.8505
Formation and Ministry
Corrigan, Peter Director of Formation and Ministry 312.432.8334
Ahern, Charlotte Spiritual Director
Anderson, Richard Faculty Chaplain 312.432.8473
Collins, Amanda Junior Class Chaplain 312.432.8333
Davis, Kathleen First Years Chaplain 312.432.8456
Hlabse, SJ, Andrij Liturgist 312.432.8336
Thompson, Chuck Coordinator of Adult Formation 312.432.8446
Trinley, Kate Office Coordinator 312.432.8335
Head Coaches
Angelo, Dominic Head Wrestling Coach
Brooks, Tony Head Girls Crew Coach
Cashman, Mike Head Girls Water Polo/Girls Bowling Coach 312.432.8304
Cheung, Bryan Boys Varsity Crew
Doyle, Cara Head Girls Basketball Coach
Eastman, Erik Head Girls Volleyball Coach 312.432.8442
Ernst, Ed Head Boys Cross Country/Track & Field Coach 312.432.8558
Gotfryd, Joe Head Hockey Coach
Haffner, Matthew Head Girls Cross Country Coach 312.432.8361
Hamm, Peter Head Boys Lacrosse Coach
Harris, Robert Head Girls Track & Field Coach 312.432.8571
Heraty, Allison Head Girls Softball And Field Hockey Coach
Hernandez, Hector Head Chess Coach
Johnston, Mark Head Boys Volleyball Coach 312.432.8599
Kearns, Ryan Head Boys Soccer Coach 312.432.8706
Kehoe, Richard Head Boys Basketball Coach 312.432.8531
Kielbowicz, Audra Head Girls Lacrosse Coach
Laio, Gina Head Cheerleading Coach
Markvart, Susan Head Girls & Boys Tennis Coach
Martinez, Luis Head Boys Water Polo Coach
Mason, Sean Head Baseball Coach
McGovern, Patricia Head Girls Golf Coach/Head Boys Bowling Coach 312.432.8421
O'Connor, John Head Football Coach john.o'
Pappalito, Sara Head Dance Team Coach
Perry, Martin Head Rugby Coach
Sexton, Pat Head Boys Golf Coach
Stassen, Robert Head Girls Soccer Coach 312.432.8360
Stephens, David Head Girls & Boys Swimming Coach 312.432.8321
Information Technology
Rosinia, Tony Senior Director of Information Systems 312.432.8345
Kaldonski, Tom Network Administrator 312.432.8424
Shlikhutka, Gene Tech Coordinator 312.432.8466
Yanny-Tillar, Lisa Help Desk Technician 312.432.8555
Instructional Technology
Haffner, Matthew Department Head 312.432.8361
Crawford, Courtney Department Head 312.432.8551
Alfaro, Karin Teacher 312.432.8515
Barclay, Anne Teacher 312.432.8596
Grens, Cheryl Teacher 312.432.8573
Guiu, Anca Teacher 312.432.8598
Heisler, PhD, Raymond Teacher 312.432.8525
Hlabse, SJ, Andrij Teacher 312.432.8336
Kennedy, Alan Teacher 312.432.8534
Leung, PhD, Miriam Teacher 312.432.8474
Pozen, PhD, Thomas Teacher 312.432.8597
Sparapani, Matthew Teacher 312.432.8544
Wale, Carmen Teacher 312.432.8332
Wood, PhD, R. Jay Teacher 312.432.8520
Hickey, Carla Head Librarian 312.432.8414
Bresnahan, Pat Librarian 312.432.8540
Giuffre, Ashlie Librarian 312.432.8560
Predny, Robin Librarian 312.432.8522
Rigney, Kevin Department Head 312.432.8569
Brooks, SSND, Mary Teacher 312.432.8541
Broussard, Ruston Teacher 312.432.8561
Bucio, Amy Teacher 312.432.8506
Bulmann, Sandie Teacher 312.432.8595
Butzen, Martin Teacher 312.432.8574
Cahill, Stephen Teacher 312.432.8517
Carroll, PhD, William Teacher 312.432.8508
Colyer, Cheryl Teacher 312.432.8707
DeJonker, Heather Teacher 312.432.8577
Evensen, PhD, Anthony Teacher 312.432.8510
Lingafelter, Monica Teacher 312.432.8703
Luzzi, James Teacher 312.432.8349
Nolan, Erin Teacher 312.432.8475
O'Keefe, PhD, Matthew Teacher 312.432.8523
Owens, James Teacher 312.432.8588
Strobel, Todd Teacher 312.432.8567
Malatesta, Joe Director of Operations 312.432.8445
Bobor, Tina Administrative Director of Facilities 312.432.8444
Cole, Keith Night Engineer 312.432.8416
Datsko, Bohdan Custodian 312.432.8463
Hernandez, Dan Weekend Engineer 312.432.8438
Koziol, Bogdan Engineer
Krasnyuk, Anatoliy Custodian 312.432.8463
Lopez, Gerardo Carpenter
Mangan, Ron Chief Engineer 312.432.8410
Sandoval, Hilda Receptionist 312.432.8318
Senese, Frank Custodian
Soto, Frank Security 312.432.8415
Swanson, Kenneth Engineer
President's Office
Caruso, SJ, Michael President 312.432.8344
Lucas, Libby Executive Assistant to the President 312.432.8344
Principal's Office
Latko, Brianna Principal 312.432.8308
Bellie, Kevin Registrar/Records 312.432.8307
Frett, Rebecca Dean of Faculty 312.432.8453
Haffner, Matthew Assistant Database Manager 312.432.8361
Luby, Erin Assistant Principal - Student Services 312.432.8306
Maloney, Maura Assistant Principal of Academics 312.432.8305
O'Rourke, Alaina Administrative Assistant to the Principal alaina.o' 312.432.8308
Religious Studies
Winter, Patrick Department Head 312.432.8323
Aust, Randy Teacher 312.432.8590
Collins, Amanda Teacher 312.432.8333
Evensen, PhD, Anthony Teacher 312.432.8510
Frett, Rebecca Teacher 312.432.8453
Gholson, Grant Teacher 312.432.8714
Juillard, Edward Teacher 312.432.8529
Kennedy, M. Hollis Teacher 312.432.8591
Lord, Steven Teacher 312.432.8576
Schwartz, Angela Teacher 312.432.8583
Tedeschi, Matthew Teacher 312.432.8511
Thompson, Chuck Teacher 312.432.8446
West, Paul Teacher 312.432.8521
Lonergan, Maureen Department Head 312.432.8552
Budek, Clare Teacher 312.432.8519
Dobrov, Mara Teacher 312.432.8502
Dowling, Matthew Teacher 312.432.8524
Gaffey, James Teacher 312.432.8702
Hooper, Rychelle Teacher 312.432.8452
Majerczyk, Laura Teacher 312.432.8542
Malecek, Timothy Teacher 312.432.8713
O'Keefe, PhD, Matthew Teacher 312.432.8523
Smith, Cheri Teacher 312.432.8339
Stonich, Conrad Teacher 312.432.8584
Strobel, Todd Teacher 312.432.8567
Wagner, Amanda Teacher 312.432.8537
Social Studies
Haleas Hines, Diane Department Head 312.432.8586
Bulmann, Sandie Teacher 312.432.8595
Cashman, Mike Teacher 312.432.8304
Chandler, John Teacher 312.432.8350
Evensen, PhD, Anthony Teacher 312.432.8510
Flynn, Matthew Teacher 312.432.8578
Hardy, Brian Teacher 312.432.8509
Hasten, James Teacher 312.432.8434
Jones, Will Teacher
Kearns, Ryan Teacher 312.432.8706
McPherson, Nathan Teacher 312.432.8532
Miller, Matthew Teacher 312.432.8527
Morrow, Josh Teacher 312.432.8580
Owens, James Teacher 312.432.8588
Paluch, Rose Teacher 312.432.8322
Rigney, Kevin Teacher 312.432.8569
Student Activities
Paulus, Emily Director of Student Activities 312.432.8401
Student Guidance
Byrne, Sharon Guidance Director 312.432.8330
Almandarz, Stephen Counselor 312.432.8328
Balmaceda, Chris Couselor 312.432.8358
McAndrew, Patrick Counselor 312.432.8326
McNellis, Ann Counselor 312.432.8329
Shannon, Elizabeth Counselor 312.432.8325
Total Wellness
Stassen, Robert Department Head 312.432.8360
Buczek, Nancy Teacher 312.432.8455
Jennings, Patrick Teacher 312.432.8467
Treasurer's Office
Gleason, Gregory Treasurer 312.432.8310
Knapp, Markum Accountant 312.432.8315
Lyons, Kathleen Accountant 312.432.8312
Rojek, Patricia Human Resources 312.432.8454
Sener, Lynn Assistant 312.432.8319