These dates are subject to change. 

Click HERE to confirm times and locations and to see the school’s most

up-to-date event and activity calendar.


31  Feast of Ignatius Mass & Raispis

Reception 8 a.m. at Holy Family and Damen Hall. All are invited!


19  Freshman Orientation

20  First Day of Classes


1-2  College Application Workshop for Seniors 7 p.m.

Student Council Fall Mixer 6 p.m.

Labor Day – No Classes

17  Women’s Council Dinner Gala at Palmer House “Celebrating 30 Years of Women at Ignatius”

19  Student Council Homecoming Dance 8 p.m.


Wolfpack Pride showcases athletics news and updates on the nearly 40 IHSA and club teams at Saint Ignatius. For the most up-to-date schedules and game day information, call the “Wolfpack Hotline” at 312.432.8612 or visit www.ignatius.org.  You may also click on any sport below to see the team’s page on the school Web site.


Crew Boys

Crew Girls

Cross Country - Boys

Cross Country - Girls


Golf - Boys

Golf - Girls

Soccer - Boys

Swimming & Diving - Girls

Tennis - Girls

Volleyball - Girls


Basketball - Boys

Basketball - Girls

Bowling - Boys

Bowling - Girls


Dance Team


Swimming & Diving - Boys



Baseball - Boys

Crew - Boys

Crew - Girls

Lacrosse - Boys

Lacrosse - Girls



Soccer - Girls

Softball - Girls

Tennis - Boys

Track & Field - Boys

Track & Field - Girls

Volleyball - Boys

Water Polo - Boys

Water Polo - Girls



Dear Parents and Guardians,

Greetings from Saint Ignatius! I hope that this note finds our students and families enjoying some welcomed “change of phantasms” and routines which summertime affords most of us at one time or another. Such a change in perspective is really valuable because it helps us to see more clearly the blessings and challenges of our daily lives; we change our routines for a time to better understand where we come from and where we are going; taking a break, whether at home or away, helps us to better “savor” God’s grace and follow God’s lead in our daily lives. So far this summer I have had several experiences to help re-charge my batteries. Please click here to read about these recent travels.

This past spring we had two search processes to find successors to
Ms. Rosemary Palicki, who is retiring from her position as Dean of Students, and Ms. Brianna Latko, who has moved on to become the principal of Jesuit High School in Sacramento, CA.  We announced internally last spring that Ms. Erin Luby will be serving this coming year as one of our two Dean of Students alongside Mr. John Tracy, who will continue in his role as dean. Ms. Luby has been an English teacher and Director of Student Activities. Since
mid-June, Ms. Maura Maloney has already ably assumed the role of Assistant Principal for Academic Services, succeeding Ms. Latko in that office. Ms. Maloney was Director of Admissions prior to this new appointment. Dr. Karl and I are most grateful to both Ms. Luby and Ms. Maloney for their willingness to accept these important positions of leadership in our school community. We also want to express our deep gratitude to Ms. Palicki and Ms. Latko for their excellent service and wish them all the best in their new endeavors.

Continuing with this theme of giving thanks, Mr. John Chandler and I want to express publicly our deep gratitude to our parents Mr. Greg Wrobel and Ms. Gini Marziani who have led and organized an army of parent volunteers over the past several weekends to clean and do light repairs on the buildings and grounds of the former Holy Family Rectory/Convent at 1019 S. May St. This vintage building, some 120 years old, is owned by Saint Ignatius and houses a variety of valuable programs: a Jesuit Volunteer Corps community (post-college volunteers for non-profit social services); the Westside Education GED program led by the BVM sisters in our parish; the offices of the HFS Scholarship program, and a social-service connector office for ABLA public housing nearby. There is nearly one complete floor of space which has been unused up until now and which we look forward to using for some parent and alumni activities now that it is cleaned up and in better shape.

In early August, our wonderful parent volunteers are also going to once again help with clean-up at the temporary site of Christ the King Jesuit High School in Austin on the west side of Chicago, so please contact Greg Wrobel if you want to help out with that service project on either or both Saturday, August 1 and 8. Also, in November or December Christ the King Jesuit High School will be moving into a permanent brand-new building a few blocks away, and we are trying to organize help from Saint Ignatius parent volunteers with that “move.” Please click here for further details and contact information to volunteer. The parents who volunteer on these projects feel strongly about how important it is for them to model the commitment to service which we also ask of our students. Thanks again to all our dedicated parent volunteers.

Please know of our best wishes and prayers for the rest of this all-too-short summer!

Fr. Brian Paulson, S.J., President



Student Directory to Include E-mail Addresses

Saint Ignatius is making some changes in this year’s Student Directory based on requests from parents. For the first time, we have offered the option for parents to include their e-mail addresses, to help facilitate communication throughout the school year. This was an “opt in” choice, and we have only included the e-mails of those who responded by June 15. Throughout the year we will post the directory on Edline and will update the information quarterly. Please contact Rosanne Rosinia-Siok at records@ignatius.org to request changes.

Parent Organization News

The Saint Ignatius Parent Organization has already ushered in the 2009-2010 school year with parent service projects in June and July. Many parents worked in the summer heat to help transform the Holy Family Rectory at the northwest corner of campus and soon we all will be able to see this incredible gem of a building as a useful meeting space for the entire community.

More parent service projects are planned this summer. Parents will be back at Christ the King Jesuit High School making more space for the second class of incoming freshmen. Help with this parent service project is needed on August 1 and 8. Please contact Greg Wrobel at gwrobel@vedderprice.com if you would like to become a part of these wonderful events. Greg and his wife, Gini, have done an outstanding job getting these most worthwhile and lasting efforts under way. 

The Used Book Sale will be back August 14 and 17. This is a great time to sell your old books and buy the ones you need at a great price. Book donations for use by scholarship students will also be accepted. Please contact Robin Schirmer at robininwinter@aol.com for details. 

The first board meeting of the year will be August 25. The class representatives will be busy planning a great year for Saint Ignatius College Prep. If interested in working with other parents from your student’s class and being a rep, please contact us.



Feast of St. Ignatius and Frank Raispis ’45 Retirement Celebration

The Feast of St. Ignatius is celebrated around the world and commemorates the death of the saint on July 31, 1556. Saint Ignatius College Prep will be observing the feast day in just a few days-- on Friday, July 31-- with an 8:00 a.m. mass at Holy Family Church, followed by a retirement reception for teaching legend Frank Raispis ’45 in Damen Hall. All are welcome to attend. Please click here for more details and be sure to RSVP as soon as possible to Mike Cashman at 312-432-8430 or michael.cashman@ignatius.org.  Friends and families may mail cards to Julie Futterer at the school, or messages may be e-mailed to her at  julie.futterer@ignatius.org, all to be included in a scrapbook for Mr. Raispis.  Even if they arrive after the celebration, Mr. Raispis will receive them so feel free to keep them coming through the summer.

Women’s Council Celebrates 30 Years of Ignatius Women at Fall Dinner

This year’s Women’s Council dinner will take place on September 17, 2009, at the Palmer House Hilton in downtown Chicago (made possible thanks to generous underwriting by Palmer House). It was the 1979-80 school year when Saint Ignatius College Prep went co-ed and this spectacular new venue will be an appropriate place to celebrate the 30th anniversary of female students and the outstanding contributions so many pioneering women have made to the Saint Ignatius school community over the years. Mothers of current Saint Ignatius students and female alumni are automatically members of the Women’s Council and are especially encouraged to bring their daughters to this very special event. To become a philanthropic member, dues of $250 per year for three years are required. The Women’s Council is also proud to announce that Marilyn Miglin will be the keynote speaker at the dinner. Miglin is a world-renowned beauty authority, author and speaker, and is among the nation’s top 500 women business owners. For more information about the event, please visit www.ignatius.org.



Faculty and Staff Recognized for 2009 Service Milestones

During the final all-school Mass on May 29, Fr. Paulson and Dr. Karl took time to recognize the many faculty and staff celebrating employment milestones at Saint Ignatius this year. We are honored to have these dedicated men and women as part of the school community... 5 years: Juan Calduch, Catherine Karl, Erin Luby, Ellen Middendorf, Lynne Ruozzi, Megan Shepherd, Bill Norwell, Megan Readler, Colleen Scampini, Megan Burke, Genevieve Yavello, Tim Butler, Don Homyk, and Gina Laio. 10 years: Karen Coleman, Carla Hickey, Renee Lee, Steve Lord, Adrienne McArdle, Fr. Brian Paulson, S.J., Juana Rivera, Hilda Sandoval, Mary Ellen Schneider, Frank Soto, and Jeanne Wall. 15 years: Aaron Carpenter, Kathleen Lyons, Simon Martinez, Greg Off, and Rosanne Rosinia-Siok. 20 years: Phyllis Myers, Conrad Stonich, and Rose Mary Sullivan. 25 years: Tony Rosinia. 30 years: Richard Blackwell, Patricia Messbarger, and Don Rescigno. 35 years: John Chandler, Lois Lawson, and Felipe Martinez. 40 years: Jim Luzzi.


2009 Graduation Award Recipients Honored

Congratulations to this year’s senior class award recipients and Educator of the Year, Steve Lord. Each individual below was recognized during the 2009 graduation ceremony for their outstanding achievements.

Mens Sana in Corpore Sano Physical Education Award -- Salvatore D. Salvato

Giuseppe Castiglione, S.J. Studio Art Award -- Victoria Agnieszka Klimaj

Giuseppe Castiglione, S.J. Art Award in Photography -- Santos Ruben Munoz

Daniel A. Lord, S.J. Formation and Ministry Award -- Emily Elizabeth Guzman

James A. Condon, S.J. Formation and Ministry Award -- Michael Anthony Munizzi

Bernard A. Foote, S.J. English Award -- Brynn Kelly Draguesku

Athanasius Kircher, S.J. Instructional Technology Award -- Sam Michael Scalise

Ignatius H. Whitehead, S.J. Latin Award -- Joseph John McGing

Ernest A. Schmidt Math Award -- Kaitlyn Michelle Fruin

Matteo Ricci, S.J. Modern Language Award in Spanish -- Teresa Catherine Wink

Matteo Ricci, S.J. Modern Language Award in French -- Matthew David Cook

Domenico Zipoli, S.J. Music Award in Band -- Aidan Lincoln Fowler

Domenico Zipoli, S.J. Music Award in Orchestra -- Brian Joseph Ostrega

Domenico Zipoli, S.J. Music Award in Vocal Music -- Jonathan Martin Braun

Domenico Zipoli, S.J. Music Award in Vocal Music -- Andrea Marie Pagels

Karl Rahner, S.J. Religious Studies Award -- Hannah Marie Knight

John B. Esmaker, S.J. - Edward L. Fergus, S.J. Science Award -- Michael Anthony Munizzi

Hilaire Belloc Social Studies Award -- Thomas Ryan Williams

James and Genevieve McLaughlin Theater Award -- Andrea Marie Pagels

Athlete of the Year Award -- Jayne Kathryn Eslinger

Athlete of the Year Award -- Garrett Matthew Mulchrone

The Senior Scholar Award -- Kaitlyn Michelle Fruin

The Ignatian of the Year Award -- James Joseph Bertucci, III

The Ignatian of the Year Award -- Kaitlyn Michelle Fruin

The Jesuit Secondary Education Association Award -- Michael Anthony Munizzi

The Jesuit Secondary Education Association Award -- Nora Kathleen Turek

The Raymond T. Grant, S.J. Educator of the Year Award -- Mr. John Steven Lord (pictured above with Dr. Karl)

Wolfpack Lacrosse Wins IHSLA State Championship

Saint Ignatius College Prep is proud to report that the varsity lacrosse team won the Illinois High School Lacrosse Association (IHSLA) Class B state championship! They took the title in a 7-3 victory over Marian Catholic at Toyota Park stadium in Bridgeview. Leading the six-year old team to its first championship, Davoren Enright scored four goals in the win and was named MVP. The victory represents a storied ending for the seniors who started the program on its rise with Coach Drew Stevenson just four short years ago. But, the win is also a beginning for the rest of the members of the lacrosse program who, in 2010, will move into the challenging and uncharted "Class A" grouping. As Fr. Paulson remarked during a Mass held for the team before the game, "Like the strength of the Holy Trinity, the togetherness of the lacrosse team can be a powerful force and, together, the team will achieve lofty goals.” Congratulations to the team and coach Drew Stevenson for a great end to a fine season!

Physics Students Finish 3rd in the Nation

Saint Ignatius placed 3rd in the nation in the National Science League’s Physics Exam with ten AP Physics students receiving awards for their performance on the test. The commended students are Jack Abernathy ’10, Alex Allen ’09, Leo Betthauser ’10, Alcaeos Bolaris ’10, Luke Groom ’10, Zack Segel ’09, Alex Sener ’09, Albert Starshak ’09, Brent Terry-Penak ’10, and Jack Van Kirk ’09. Congratulations also go out to our AP Physics teachers—John Balaban, Matt O’Keefe, and Danielle Pierce—for the time and dedication they put forth in leading these classes and students. Apparently Newton’s “physics” apple does not fall very far from the tree as all three teachers are also alumni of Saint Ignatius. Congratulations to everyone involved!

Students Take Home Latin Awards

Zachary Segel ’09 was been awarded a gold medal for his performance on the National Latin Exam for the past four consecutive years and John Reidy ’10 (pictured at right) achieved a perfect score on the 2009 National Latin Exam. Only 917 students out of over 137,000 who participated in the entire United States, Australia, Mozambique, Canada, England, Italy, New Zealand, Poland, Mexico, Bulgaria, China, and Guam attained this distinction. Reidy also received a ribbon of excellence for his performance on the Illinois State Latin Exam. All 22 students in Mr. Don Hoffman’s freshmen Latin class also received an award on the 2009 National Latin Exam. On the Illinois State Latin Exam, both Laura Kurek ’12 and Kevin McGing ’12 won a Superior Ribbon, the highest honor possible, for their performance on the exam. These noteworthy achievements are a credit to our Latin teachers and the dedication of these outstanding students. Gaudeamus igitur!

Top Honors Go To French Students

Many students distinguished themselves in the National French Contest this year. The contest’s highest and most prestigious honor is that of Lauréat National. To receive this distinction, students must place in the national top 10th percentile of their level. These students are honored with a gold, silver, or bronze medal, based on their ranking and a lauréat national certificate. We are excited to announce that six students are National Medalists in the Grand Concours. Bronze medals: Paul Frazel ’11 – national rank 6, Michael Furlane ’11 – national rank 10, Richard Golz ’12 – national rank 9, Kyle Hutchison ’10 – national rank 7, Martin Kezon ’09 – national rank 7, and Claire Parker ’11 – national rank 8. Students scoring in the Top 20th percentile of their levels were honored with the certificat d’honneur. Winners include Juliana Burgess ’11, Olivia Kaplan ’11, Muriel Kelleher ’11, Maura Knapp ’09, Thomas Nguyen ’09, Juan Orejuela ’11, and Clifford Vickrey ’12. Students scoring in the Top 21st to 50th percentiles of their levels were honored with the certificat de réussite. The winners were Indre Bielskus ’11, Elijah Charbel ’10, Matthew Cook ’09, Bridgette Fox ’11, John Garvey ’11, Sarah Guminski ’11, Juan Pablo Hernandez ’09, Claire Luchette ’09, Francisco Martinez ’11, Carmen McCullum ’11, Alissa McGowan ’11, Samuel Miller ’12, Garrett Mulchrone ’09, Fernando Perez ’11, Elizabeth Philipp ’09, Claire Rubin ’11, Elliott Sarich ’12, Amanda Tsang ’11, and Mallory Widell ’10.

Saint Ignatius Takes Home Spanish Exam Awards

Awards for the National Spanish Exam were presented in May and Saint Ignatius had many students receiving honors. In the level 1 grouping, awards went to Grace Howard ’12, Olmaide Tunde-Ali ’12, Antje Lang ’09, Laura Cummings ’12, Bianka Martinez ’12, Miguel Aviles ’12, Janelle Abarca ’12, Albert Alfaro ’12, Carlos Garcia ’12, Stephanie Fernandez ’12, April Cavazos ’12, Alenxander Solis ’12, Citlali Mascorro ’12, Emilio Jauregui ’12, and Daniel Ibarra ’12. For the level 2 grouping, awards went to Anna Katerina Simon ’11, Elida Romo ’11, Angelica Telles ’11, Samantha Garza ’11, Melissa Vela ’11, Marianna Gonzalez ’11, and Ulises Duran ’11. In the level 3 grouping, Amy Brabec ’11 won a Notable award. In the level 4 grouping it was John Turek ’09, Alexander Allen ’09, Elvira Valencia ’10, Alan Medina ’10, Grecia Salgado ’10, and Chrystian Ochoa ’10 taking home awards. At the level 5 grouping, it was Kaitlyn Fruin ’09, Teresa Wink ’09, Carolyne Luna ’09, Erika Soto ’09, Patrick Herman ’10, and Phillip Acevedo ’09 winning awards.      

Students Win President's Volunteer Service Award

Catherine White ’10 and Sara Bush ’10 have won the President's Volunteer Service Award at the Field Museum. (White is pictured at right with museum president and CEO John W. McCarter, Jr.) They were among only nine students from Chicago area schools who were recognized with this honor and the only two from a Catholic school. The students were honored for performing more than 100 hours of volunteer service to the Field Museum Education Department. The award states, "This Award recognizes your dedication to volunteer service and signifies that you have served your community and your country with distinction. Through your volunteer efforts, you are demonstrating values that make our nation strong and you are helping to build a culture of citizenship, service and responsibility in America." Each honoree also received a letter from President Obama congratulating them on their award and stating, "Through service to others, you demonstrate the outstanding character of America and help strengthen our country."



Charis Opportunities: “The Jesus Weekend Retreat” - Friday, August 28 - Sunday, August 30

Take a moment to reflect on the role of Jesus in your life and work. Spend the weekend at Bellarmine Retreat House in Barrington, Illinois, exploring how Jesus lived His life, deepening your understanding of Jesus' ministry, and focusing on your own spiritual journey. This retreat is presented by a team of young adult leaders who will share how their relationship with Christ impacts their own lives. Click here to register or for more information.   About Charis Ministries—The work of Charis Ministries is rooted in the 450-year-old tradition of Ignatian Spirituality that we have adapted for 21st century adult Catholics. Each Charis event – including retreats, days of reflection, service days, speaker series – reflects the teachings of St. Ignatius and is relevant to and designed especially for men and women in their 20s and 30s.



Mimsie & Andrew O’Hara, Co-Presidents:  mimsieoh@sbcglobal.net/630.789.3043

Karen and Patrick Layng, Co-Vice Presidents: 

kplayng@vedderprice.com/312.609.7891      pat.s.layng@usdoj.gov/312.353.9297

Mary McGrath, Recording Secretary: mmcg394721@aol.com/708.246.6749

Luis and Sally Nieto, Co-Corresponding Secretaries:  lands.nieto@comcast.net/708.771.2164

Student Council Elected for 2009-2010 School Year

Candidates for class officer positions and Executive Board positions gave speeches at school in May and elections were held later that month. Congratulations to the following members of the Class of 2010 who will serve on the Student Council Executive Board in 2009-2010; President Bethel Kifle (pictured at right), Secretary John Darby, and Public Relations Director Nami Bhatt. Those students will be joined by Class of 2010 President Scott Smith, Secretary Killian Walsh, and Senator Janae Shepherd. Rounding out the Senior Student Council next year will be elected representatives Erik-Nathaniel Bradley, Bob Martin, and Diana Sanborn. The following students will represent the Junior Class in 2009-2010. President Michael Morris, Secretary Duke McDonald, Senator Frank Ruffolo, and representatives Katie Angulo, Eric Jacobson, and Jack Souter. Next year’s sophomore Student Council will be led by President LiaMarie Quinde, Secretary Gillian Craig, and Senator Danny Schiltz. Representatives Larissa May, Emily Wisniewski, and Sterling Yates will join the officers in representing the Class of 2012.