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Freshman year is an exciting, yet challenging time of transition. The First Years Chaplain supports freshmen in their spiritual growth through this important stage in their lives. Worship, prayer, and service lay at the heart of this journey.

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  • Freshman Family Liturgy

    The Freshman-Sophomore Family Mass and Dinner on Sunday, September 22, 2019 in Holy Family Church at beginning 5:00 pm will be an opportunity for freshmen and their families to gather together to celebrate the new school year.
  • CORPUS: The Freshman Retreat

    Corpus: The Freshman Retreat is a student-led one-day retreat integrating service, prayer and fellowship through on-campus small group activities. Senior Arrupe Mentors guide the freshmen through discussions, liturgy, and various activities.

    Theme: Founded on the Guiding Scriptural passage (1 Corinthians 12), the Freshman Retreat builds up the Body of Christ, the body of the school, and the body of the Class of 2023. Though they are made of many parts, they are one body!

    Everybody counts. Everybody is a gift from God. Each individual body in the freshman class is important. Diverse as we are, freshmen are able to overcome differences, prejudices, stereotypes – and ultimately injustice – because of our unity in Christ. Christ is the One who unites us and empowers us to live as one body for the good of others.

    Friendship with God is nurtured through individual friendships and prayer. Once we realize that we are Christ’s Body, we are able to better serve and love each other.

    The mission statement of our school community expands upon the themes of unity, diversity, and service – all centered around the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Through this retreat, we hope to allow the freshmen to see these themes clearly and to understand what SICP is all about.

    Service is an integral component of Freshman Retreat. Every student attends a service fair at school hosting representatives of non-profit agencies in the city of Chicago as well as participates in an onsite service project. 

    The retreat will be held at Saint Ignatius College Prep on Wednesday, October 16, 2019.
  • Freshman Service Commitment

    Freshmen are required to complete ten hours of service. These service activities may be the first opportunity freshmen have to see the Body of Christ in other people (children, the poor, professionals, etc.) Really noticing the Body of Christ in themselves and others can be a difficult, yet rewarding, challenge.
  • Pre-Approval Requirement

    All students must have their service sites pre-approved in Formation and Ministry. Once a site is approved, the student must follow the instructions for tracking hours. Freshmen will receive step-by-step registration instructions at the beginning of the academic year. The Formation and Ministry office is located on the third floor next to Room 330.

    Freshmen are required to complete at least half of their requirements by Tuesday, December 3, 2019 in the first semester. All service hours for the 2019-20 school year must be completed by Tuesday, April 21, 2020!

    Students can visit their class chaplain any time for support!

Contact for More Information

For additional information on freshman programs, please contact Sara Spittler, our First Years Chaplain, at