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Students with Diagnosed Learning Differences

Saint Ignatius College Prep is committed to providing academically qualified students with learning differences equal access to the school’s curriculum, programs, and activities with reasonable accommodations that do not alter the rigor, pacing, or coursework expectations of graduation requirements set forth at the school. Saint Ignatius values a diverse learning population and the contribution all students have on our school community. Therefore, Saint Ignatius College Prep is able to support students that require limited accommodations to be successful in a college preparatory program.

To apply for accommodations, please submit at least one of the following: 

          -Psycho-Educational Evaluation
          -Neuropsychological evaluation
          -Individualized Education Plan (IEP)
          -504 Plan

The documentation submitted must be dated within the last three years of August of the current school year for consideration of accommodations.

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Recommended Student Accommodations Plan

Learning needs are individualized according to the recommendations noted by a student’s physician or therapist in a written report. Once the student is admitted to Saint Ignatius College Prep, this report is reviewed by the Learning Specialist who then creates a Recommended Student Accommodations Plan (RSAP). The RSAP lists suggested accommodations. The student and parent(s)/guardian(s) review the RSAP, which is then posted for teachers and counselors to view. The Learning Specialist updates and adjusts the RSAP as needed, based on new diagnoses, in order to support the student’s needs. Students with RSAPs on file are expected to coordinate extended time on exams and discuss implementation of classroom accommodations with their teachers.
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