R. Jay Wood

Welcome to the Language home page. For more information on the Language department, please contact our department chair - R. Jay Wood , PhD at jay.wood@ignatius.org or by phone at 312.432.8332. For a complete faculty and staff contact list, please visit our Contact Info page.

Wood, PhD, R. Jay Latin/Greek Teacher jay.wood@ignatius.org 312.432.8332
Alfaro, Karin Spanish Teacher karin.alfaro@ignatius.org
Barclay, Anne Spanish Teacher anne.barclay@ignatius.org
Crawford, Courtney Spanish Teacher courtney.crawford@ignatius.org
Doherty, Megan French Teacher megan.doherty@ignatius.org
Gibson, S.J., Pierce Latin/Greek Teacher pierce.gibson@ignatius.org
Gillilland, Lauren Spanish Teacher lauren.gillilland@ignatius.org
Grens, Cheryl Spanish Teacher cheryl.grens@ignatius.org
Guiu, Anca French Teacher anca.guiu@ignatius.org
Guzik, Kellye French Teacher kellye.guzik@ignatius.org
Heisler, PhD, Raymond Latin/Greek Teacher raymond.heisler@ignatius.org
Leung, PhD, Miriam Chinese Teacher miriam.leung@ignatius.org
Sparapani, Matthew Latin/Greek Teacher matthew.sparapani@ignatius.org
Wale, Carmen Spanish Teacher carmen.wale@ignatius.org
Zhang, Yizhe Chinese Teacher yizhe.zhang@ignatius.org


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Mr. Sparapani Wins Illinois Classical Conference Teacher of the Year Award

Mr. Matt Sparapani was recently honored by the Illinois Classical Conference as their Teacher of the Year for 2015. This award was presented at the Annual Meeting of the ICC at Monmouth College, October 3, 2015. Magister Sparapani has taught Latin and Greek as well as Ancient Greek and Roman History at Saint Ignatius for the past 11 years. He was honored for his commitment to classics both at Saint Ignatius and in the greater Chicago community. Mr. Sparapani moderates the Classics Club, helps organize the Illinois Certamen League and helps to run the annual Illinois Junior Classical League State Convention. He also leads students on the biennial Classical Odyssey Tour, which toured ancient sites in Greece this past summer.