When can I see the school?

All interested eighth grade students are welcome to spend a "shadow" day at Saint Ignatius through our Campus Visit Program. The Campus Visit Program runs from September 6 - November 17, 2017. Registration for campus visits begins in early August and must be completed online. Call Mrs. Karen Coleman at 312-432-8409 or Mrs. Elizabeth Carney at 312-432-8411 with any questions. Students should have permission from their grade schools to participate. 

Students and families of all ages are welcome to attend the Saint Ignatius Open House in November 12, 2017 from 12-3 p.m. Information regarding athletic games, theater productions, and other school events can be found on the School Calendar.

While we encourage all interested families to attend our annual Open House, individual tours may be scheduled by contacting a member of the Admissions staff. 

How do I apply?

All interested eighth grade students must take our entrance exam on Saturday, December 2, 2017. Students may only take an entrance exam at one Catholic high school. Students must test at Saint Ignatius to be considered in our admission process. 

How can I prepare for the entrance exam?

The best preparation is working hard in grammar school. Students should get a good night's sleep before the test and eat breakfast. Students must bring #2 pencils and $25 test fee. Petersons, Barrons and Princeton Review all publish study guides for the HSPT. Local bookstores and public libraries carry them. There is no registration prior to the test.

What entrance exam does Saint Ignatius offer?

Saint Ignatius offers the STS High School Placement Test (HSPT).

What criteria are used to select Saint Ignatius students?

The entrance exam score is important because our applicant pool is always a very large, diverse group of students from all over the Chicagoland area. Following the entrance exam, students will submit an online application, due December 15, 2017. Other considerations in the admission process include but are not limited to: Catholic heritage/school, family legacy/tradition with the school (sibling/parent), and adherence to policies of the school. Saint Ignatius strives to promote a 50/50 male/female population. Saint Ignatius admits students without regard to race, color, and/or country of national origin.

When are notification letters sent?

Notification letters, acceptance, non-acceptance, or waitlist (if applicable), will be mailed and emailed February 1, 2018.

When is the registration deadline?

All registration documents and a $500 fee must be in the office by March 8, 2018.

Do you offer scholarships?

No, we do not offer scholarships but we do have a need-based Tuition Assistance Program. All families are invited to apply. Applications are available online. Saint Ignatius will give over $4 million in tuition assistance this year.

Saint Ignatius also partners with several external scholarship organizations. These include: 

What courses are offered at Saint Ignatius?

Graduation requirements and a full course listing can be found in our Curriculum and Course Planning Guide.

How can I get into honors classes my freshman year?

We offer placement exams for math and foreign language each spring. Some placement also depends on entrance exam scores.

What is the tuition at Saint Ignatius?

The tuition for the 2017-2018 school year is $18,500.

What is the dress code at Saint Ignatius?

The dress code is listed under the Dean's Office page.

What is the Parent Commitment Program?

The Parent Commitment is a contribution, over and above tuition and fees, asked of all parents each year to help cover the annual deficit.

What kind of athletic teams do you have?

Saint Ignatius offers 34 interscholastic and club sports for both boys and girls. Check out our Athletics page!

What other ways can I get involved at Saint Ignatius?

Saint Ignatius has over 70 co-curricular activities. Find out more on our Student Activities page!