Student Life

Dress Code

When you help to prepare your student for the year, please keep in mind the following standards:

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  • Appearance

    When it comes to how they present themselves, students should focus on neatness, cleanliness, moderation and modesty. Please no extreme or distracting hairstyles or clothing. Boys' hair must be off the face and above the ears - Hair that hangs below the neck must be secured in an appropriate manner so that it appears neat. No multi-colored hair for boys or girls.
  • Permissible Girls' Tops

    • blouses, shirts and dresses should have collars
    • polo shirts 
    • relaxed-fit turtlenecks 
    • cardigan and pullover sweaters (worn over a collared shirt) 
    • approved Saint Ignatius half-zip and crew neck sweatshirts 
    • blouses should button down the front and to the collarbone
    • tops should cover the midriff 
    • tops should have full sleeves (no cap sleeves)
    • tops should not have writing or numbers
  • Permissible Boys' Tops

    • shirts should have collars
    • turtlenecks
    • crew or v-neck pullover sweaters or cardigans (worn over a collared shirt) 
    • approved Saint Ignatius half-zip and crew neck sweatshirts
    • shirts should be buttoned to the collarbone 
    • shirts should be tucked in
    • shirts should not have writing or numbers
  • Girls' Slacks and Skirts Guidelines

    • slacks should have a relaxed and modest fit and be worn at the waist
    • slacks should hit ankle length - no rolling the cuff
    • skirts should be finger-tip length or longer 
    • jeans are prohibited
  • Boys' Slacks Guidelines

    • slacks should have a relaxed and clean fit, and be worn at the waist 
    • slacks should hit ankle length - no rolling the cuff
    • dress belt or dress suspenders permissible
    • jeans are prohibited
  • Shoes

    • dress shoes or gym shoes 
  • Clothing Not Permitted

    • jeans/denim
    • sweat pants
    • wind pants
    • athletic pants
    • stretch pants
    • yoga pants
    • velour pants
    • fleece pants
    • drawstring pants
    • mini skirts
    • shorts
    • clothing with logos from other high schools
    • slippers 
    • slipper-type shoes
    • moccasins
    • boots
    • flip-flops
    • excessive jewelry (many bracelets, more than two earrings per ear, large hoops, etc.)
    • visible tattoos
    • earrings for boys
    • visible body piercings (the only exception is earrings for girls)
    • multi-colored hair
    • hoodies (the only exception is Saint Ignatius hoodies on spirit wear days) 
    • students are not allowed to wear any clothing with large logos, such as university branding, or anything with large graphic designs
A picture is worth a thousand words! Please check out our photo style guide for clothing that is approved and not approved.


Not Approved

Church Attire Days

Modesty, respect and reverence should guide student appearance on Church Attire Days. Boys should wear dress slacks, a dress shirt and tie, and dress shoes and socks. Sport coats or sweaters are optional, but appropriate. Girls may wear modest skirts or dresses that reach the knee or are longer. Relaxed-fitting dress slacks that reach the ankle are also appropriate. Blouses and other types of tops should have sleeves, or be worn with a relaxed-fitting cardigan or blazer. Necklines must be suitable for Church. Gym shoes, boots or moccasins are not appropriate.

Spirit Wear Days

On Spirit Wear Days students may wear short or long-sleeved Ignatius t-shirts, crew-neck sweatshirts or half-zip pullovers.

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