Senior Portraits 10/7-9

The dates listed on the school website and in the hand book for senior portraits are incorrect. The next round of portraits will take place at school on 10/7-9. If your senior didn’t get their portrait taken during the summer, they have been automatically scheduled to have it taken on one of these days during a free period or lunch period. The portrait schedule will be emailed to seniors and included in the Wolfpack Post. CLICK HERE for the schedule. There is one page for each photo day so be sure to scroll through all of them. If you do not see your name, we ran out of open slots that matched your free periods or lunch periods. These students will have first priority for portraits at school on 11/11-12. There will also be a final portrait day at school on 1/22/20. You may order portraits before or after the portrait days by CLICKING HERE. Please email with questions.