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Saint Ignatius College Prep is an equal opportunity employer and will consider all applicants for all positions equally without regard to their race, sex, age, color, national origin or disability in accordance with applicable laws.
We conduct background checks as part of our pre-employment process. Applicants will be directed to complete such background checks upon request.

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  • Our Online Employment Application Process

    • Use our online process to complete your application as well as to upload any additional documents needed for your application.
    • If you do not have your supporting materials in an electronic form, you may wish to visit a local business services company such as Kinko’s or Staples as they should have the resources to help you scan your hard copy materials and save them in PDF format.
    • When you submit your application for employment you will receive an email notification which acknowledges receipt of your application. Be sure to adjust your filtering system as the email will be sent from the generalasp.com domain.
    • Due to the volume of applicants we receive, the school is unable to respond to telephone or email inquiries regarding the status of an application. If your qualifications meet our needs, we will contact you for further information and a possible interview.
    • Saint Ignatius College Prep will keep all applications for one year after completion online. If the materials are not updated prior to the anniversary date, the records will be deleted.
  • Guidelines for Uploading Supporting Materials to Your Application

    • Additional documents can be either text files or image/scanned files.
    • The maximum file size for uploads is 1 Megabyte (1 MB) or 1000 Kilobytes (1000 KB).
    • Files must have the extension included in the file name.
    • The following extensions will be accepted by the system:
      • Text Files (.doc or .rtf);
      • Image/Scanned Files (.pdf, .bmp, .gif, .jpg, .png or .tif).
    • Image/Scanned Files should be created in black and white (1 bit). (Gray-scale or colored images/scans will be too large.)
    • Only one file may be uploaded for an additional document type (example: Transcripts). If you have multiple separate files for a document type, you must combine the separate files into one file before uploading.
    • The system currently does NOT accept Microsoft Word (.docx) attachments. Files must be saved as .doc attachments.

Faculty Member Expectations

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  • 1. General Expectations of Faculty Members

    Saint Ignatius seeks to attract, develop and retain high quality faculty members who are committed to model and teach the school's Jesuit, Catholic values. Practicing Catholics are preferred. Consistent with the school's mission statement, faculty members are expected to continuously develop their:
    • INTELLECTUAL COMPETENCE by keeping current with their subject area and with their knowledge of the latest research and best practices regarding teaching, learning, and effective schools.
    • OPENNESS TO GROWTH by reading; by participating in workshops, seminars, conventions and the like; by enthusiastically participating in the school's staff development and school improvement efforts; and by continually refining/expanding their instructional, interpersonal relationship and ministerial repertoires.
    • SPIRITUAL LIFE by regularly praying and participating in liturgies; by participating in retreats and/or spiritual direction; and by doing spiritual reading.
    • CAPACITY FOR LOVING by always showing respect and concern for others; by working cooperatively and collaboratively with others; and by volunteering to help the school keep all of its co-curricular programs and activities staffed.
    • COMMITMENT TO JUSTICE IN THE SERVICE OF OTHERS by clearly communicating and upholding high expectations for student learning and appropriate behavior; by consistently and fairly enforcing the school's rules; and by openly supporting the school's service learning program.
  • 2. Ethics and Professional Boundaries

    In keeping with Saint Ignatius College Prep's mission, it is vital that all employees consistently maintain the highest ethical standards. Employees must not engage in activities which conflict with the stated policies of Saint Ignatius College Prep, which create even the appearance of impropriety or which impede their job performance at Saint Ignatius College Prep. Such activities include, but are not limited to:
    • The improper payment or receipt of gifts or other improper conduct resulting in private advantage, employment outside Saint Ignatius College Prep that conflicts with Saint Ignatius College Prep's mission or negatively affects job performance.
    • The disclosure of confidential information without proper authorization.
    • All employees are also expected to maintain appropriate professional boundaries in their relationships with students and exercise professional discretion when sharing personal information.
  • 3. Job Responsibilities of Teachers

    All teachers are expected to know their Curriculum and          Instructional Responsibilities:
    • Teach their assigned load of classes and maintain classroom discipline.
    • Implement the approved departmental curriculum.
    • Maintain a positive learning environment in the classroom.
    • Develop fair and consistent grading procedures in accordance with guidelines of the school and the department.
    • Assign meaningful homework and hold students accountable for it.
    • Develop and promptly grade and return tests, quizzes and/or other evaluative instruments that measure students' learning progress.
    • Provide assistance for students having difficulties and/or needing extra time.

      Teachers also have General Supervision Responsibilities:

    • Prefect or substitute on a daily basis as assigned.
    • Supervise a homeroom as assigned.
    • Enforce school policies regarding student behavior.
    • Follow school procedures and assume appropriate responsibility during fire and tornado drills, emergencies etc.
    • Communication/Coordination Responsibilities.
    • Turn in grades according to the calendar schedule.
    • Keep parents informed of student's progress in accordance with the guidelines and procedures established by the office of the prefects.
    • Check voice mail and email every day and return parent phone calls and/or emails within a 24 to 48 hour period.
    • Inform counselors when students have extraordinary difficulties and cooperate with counselors' requests for information.
    • Attend all academic functions of the school: Faculty Meetings, Parent Conferences, Parent Nights, In-service days, Commencement, Faculty Retreat, Open House and other "all school" occasions as required by the prefect of studies.
    • Maintain a professional, positive and constructive relationship with colleagues, administrators and staff.

      Other Responsibilities:

    • Foster the philosophy, goals, and objectives of the school.
    • Continue his/her professional development by participating in classes, lectures, workshops and conferences on a regular basis.
    • Respect and care for the school's equipment e.g. photocopy machines, computers, AV equipment, etc.
    • Actively support the spiritual formation mission of the school.
    • Contribute to the school's co-curricular program by providing service as needed.
    • Cooperate with, and follow, all of the policies and procedures contained in the handbook.
    • Check attendance in each class and maintain good order and cleanliness in the classrooms.
  • 4. Master's Degree Requirements

    It is the policy of Saint Ignatius College Prep to release a teacher from service after the fifth year if a master's degree has not been obtained.

    A year's extension may be granted in extraordinary circumstances (e.g. where there has been serious illness, the birth of a child, a family's extended emergency, exceptional commitment to the school and its programs, etc.), at the sole discretion of the prefect of studies. If a person has not achieved a master's degree by this time, he/she will be released from service.

    It is the responsibility of the faculty member to review the master's degree he/she is pursuing with the prefect of studies of the school. The prefect of studies has the sole discretion to approve this program as appropriate for the teacher's work and for the tenure track. Any such approval must be in writing. A faculty member without the appropriate master's degree and certification in the subject he/she is teaching will not continue teaching at Saint Ignatius.

    Increase of salary due to the attainment of a master's degree or National Board Certification will be effective on the first pay period following the attainment of the national certificate or degree. There is, however, a condition: That the faculty member notifies the prefect of studies in writing one semester prior to anticipated completion of the certificate or degree requirements.

Job Postings

Please complete your application for employment at Saint Ignatius College Prep must be complete using our online system. We no longer accept any paper applications. This includes cover letters, transcripts, letters of reference, resumes and any other supporting materials. Please do not send such materials by U.S. mail or e-mail.

If you are interested in becoming a part of our community, click on the appropriate link below.

In accordance with Archdiocesan policy and for the safety and well-being of our students, Saint Ignatius College Prep requires volunteers and prospective employees to complete confidential, online background checks as well as additional safety requirements. Please click on the appropriate link below for additional information.

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