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A message from Saint Ignatius College Prep's Student Activities Director Annie Hipple...

The Saint Ignatius College Prep Student Activities program is a diverse and thriving set of clubs and organizations that provide students with mission-driven, collaborative, and engaging ways to connect with our Jesuit, Catholic community. These clubs and organizations are an integral part of the "cura personalis," or care for the whole person. We help students grow as individuals and care for them in and out of the classroom. In their clubs, students form connections, both with each other, and with the adult moderators, creating memories and friendships that last a lifetime. Each club, in its own way, brings to life the Ignatian Values, and helps build the cultural fabric of Saint Ignatius College Prep as a Wolfpack community that learns, grows and serves for the greater glory of God.

Saint Ignatius College Prep

Saint Ignatius College Prep, a Jesuit Catholic school in the heart of Chicago, is a diverse community dedicated to educating young men and women for lives of faith, love, service and leadership.