Naming Opportunities

Since 1869, Saint Ignatius College Prep has been fortunate to have many “angels” that have allowed its mission to be lived out by thousands of young men and women.
It started with a wealthy Dutch businessman who loaned Fr. Arnold Damen, S.J. money to build the school, and continues today with the hundreds of alumni and friends who have contributed to the financial health of the school through various capital campaigns, including the recently concluded Greater Glory Campaign.
We believe that our generous angels deserve to be honored, and that is why their respective legacies are very visible as you walk the halls of the school.
Saint Ignatius College Prep has many opportunities for donors wishing to direct their gift towards capital projects and improvements. The naming opportunities outlined below are some of the areas where we will be honoring our next generation of angels. We invite you to review these opportunities to find one that would best fit the passion that you have for Saint Ignatius College Prep and serve as an example to other potential angels.

List of 6 items.

  • Gym & Athletics

    Wrestling Area on the 2nd floor of the Walsh-Slattery Center ($1,000,000)
    Weight Room on the 2nd floor of the Walsh-Slattery Center ($250,000)
    Men's & Women's locker rooms ($100,000 each)
    East & West bleacher banks ($100,000 each)
    Men's & Women's varsity team rooms ($75,000 each)
    Men's & Women's PE office ($50,000)
    Training room ($50,000)
    Assistant Athletic Director's Office ($35,000)
    2 Main entryways to Gentile Gymnasium ($25,000 each)
    4 Coaches Offices - 2 men's and 2 women's ($25,000 each)
    4 Trophy Cases in Tully Dining Hall ($10,000 each)
    6 Arched Windows in Gentile Gymnasium ($10,000 each)
  • Arts & Music

    Main Floor & Mezzanine Foyers of the McLaughlin Theater ($150,000 each)
    4 Interdisciplinary classrooms ($150,000 each)
    Choral & Music Appreciation Center ($150,000)
    Music Gallery walkway ($50,000)
    Large instrument storage room ($15,000)
    2 Small instrument storage rooms ($5,000 each)
    1 Music storage room ($5,000)
    Collection of theatre lithographs ($2,500)
    All theatre sconces, frames, tables and lighting ($2,500 each)
    Theater seats ($750 each)
  • Library

    Library Office ($50,000)
    6 Library Paired bookcases ($25,000 each)
    4 Library Central Lighting fixtures ($25,000 each)
    10 Windows in Library ($10,000 each)
  • Science & Technology

    Advanced Chemistry Laboratory ($350,000)
    Computer Laboratory ($150,000)
    Instrumentation for science center ($100,000)
    Science classroom ($75,000)
  • Architecture & Building Facilities

    Walsh-Slattery Center Tower ($1,000,000)
    Multimedia Conference Room ($100,000)
    North & South Iron Stairs ($100,000 each)
    3 Elevators ($50,000 each)
    East/West Passage between McLaughlin & Driehaus buildings ($50,000)
    North/South Passage between McLaughlin & Driehaus buildings ($50,000)
    5 Dining Hall large scenic windows ($10,000 each)
    31 Tall Windows in Walsh Activity Center ($10,000 each)
    2 Dining Hall small windows ($7,500 each)
    4 Windows in Colonnade ($7,500 each)
    5 Pair of Glass Doors in Dining Hall ($5,000 each)
  • Outside Accoutrements

    Racine/Roosevelt car park ($1,000,000)
    Terraced Garden north of the Walsh-Slattery Center ($250,000)
    Exterior Campus lighting ($250,000)
    Memorial Trees ($2,500 each)

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