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About Us

We are Saint Ignatius

A Message from John Chandler

Our founder, the missionary, Reverend Arnold J. Damen, S.J., came to Chicago in 1857 to establish a beacon for Faith and Education for immigrant Irish families. Faith first - the Church of the Holy Family. Education second - Saint Ignatius College. The Society of Jesus has always combined these two critical missions from which Service flows. For more than a century and one half, Saint Ignatius College Prep has strengthened Father Damen's mission for our school so that our young men and women can be formed in heart, soul and mind - going out to lead and set the world on fire. We welcome you to explore our history, and our mission. We hope that you will partner with us in the way the early companions of Saint Ignatius did - offering all for the "Greater Glory of God." A.M.D.G.

Why a Jesuit, Catholic Education

We dedicate ourselves to preparing young men and women for the world. We find inspiration in that process in the five ideals known as Ignatian Values which Ignatius Loyola, our school's patron saint, and the founder of the Society of Jesus, offered as guidance. The Values provide a framework to help our students become what we call the Grad at Grad. To learn more about this formation of the whole person, please click on the following video.

Saint Ignatius College Prep through the Years: A Timeline

1869 is the year Saint Ignatius College Prep came to be. Chicago's first Jesuit school is proud to be a distinguished member of 430 Jesuit high schools in 55 nations around the globe, each committed to faith, love, service and leadership in the Jesuit tradition of Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam - "for the greater honor and glory of God." Take a walk with us on our timeline by clicking here.


When you decide to join the Wolfpack, it is a lifelong membership built on a foundation of traditions. Click below to learn about some of the Pride Points of the Pack.

Saint Ignatius College Prep

Saint Ignatius College Prep, a Jesuit Catholic school in the heart of Chicago, is a diverse community dedicated to educating young men and women for lives of faith, love, service and leadership.