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Safeguarding Our History

At Saint Ignatius College Prep we are blessed to have the ability to have someone on staff who is committed to safeguarding our history.

We are currently searching for a new archivist.

The work is ongoing: The archivist makes sure old photos and artifacts have a home where they will survive for years to come.  That means storing things, such as loose photos and documents, in containers where they will not degrade over time. It also means eventually creating a digital record.

Q&A About the Campus Archive

List of 5 frequently asked questions.

  • What is an archive?

    An archive is where you can find firsthand information from primary sources. These are the documents and pictures and artifacts that were important to an institution. Archival material provides proof that an event or series of events happened. Archives aim to preserve and retell the stories that are important to remember.
  • How can I donate material to the archives?

    Please review the “Collection Scope Statement” in the Saint Ignatius College Prep Archives “Collecting Policy” document before you attempt to make an archival donation.
    If your potential donation falls outside the collection scope, we will not accept it. If your donation is within the scope of the collection, contact the archivist, and get a copy of the “Deed of Gift.” Complete this form once you’ve received final approval from the archivist to make the donation.
  • What is in the Saint Ignatius College Prep collection?

    You’ll find three primary collections in the archives:
    • Jesuits in the Midwest
    • World’s Columbian Exposition (1893)
    • Catholic History Rare Book.
    You’ll also find documents, scrapbooks, video tapes, photographs, negatives and digital and electronic media dating from the 1850s to the present.
  • What do archivists do?

    Archivists are professionals who lead the collection, arrangement and description of archival collections according to established standards. Archivists perform reference services for people. They also plan and administer preservation and conservation programs for archival materials. Archivists digitize physical records, and get the word out about collections through exhibits and social media.
  • What are the functions of the archives?

    Alumni, faculty, staff and students from Saint Ignatius College Prep, as well as members of the larger community, are welcome to use the archives for research purposes. You can send your research questions to the archivist via email, or over the phone. You can also make an appointment with the archivist to conduct research in person.  If your work involves private study, scholarship or research, you may make copies of material that’s protected by intellectual property rights, without the owner’s consent.

Former archvist, Angela Perine's favorite find in the archives:

A “Good Conduct” medal awarded to Rev. Cornelius B. Sullivan, one of our first students.

Meet Historian Ellen Skerrett

Ellen Skerrett is happy to add to the ongoing conversation regarding the storied timeline of Saint Ignatius College Prep. She says, “John Chandler asked me to write the history of the school…This allowed me to take a deep dive into where the Jesuit Mission in Chicago began in 1857 and continues today!”

Skerrett calls it a privilege to be able to examine original documents and rediscover links to Saint Ignatius. Her most memorable research “find”:  
Uncovering the identity of the school’s architect, Hermann von Langen. Skerrett located von Langen’s great grandchildren in California. They later visited 1076 West Roosevelt Road.  She says, “They were surprised and delighted. They knew Hermann had been an architect, but they had no idea of the scope of his career.” 

In bringing Wolfpack history to life, Skerrett connects the past to the present…for all of us.

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