Join Us For Latin Days - 10.26.19

On 10.26.19 Saint Ignatius will be hosting "Latin Days" to promote our Foreign Language program & our Classical educational heritage. The goal is to promote interest in classical culture & showcase SICP to prospective middle school students by exposing them to the history, mythology and culture of ancient Rome.
"Latin Days" will take place from 8:30am to 2pm & will include:
--Breakfast and Lunch
--Multiple Activities including buzzer competitions, catapult launches, and Mythological reenactments
--Olympic Games on Fornelli Field in togas
--Chariot Races
There will be a short welcome for parents about the Language opportunities at SICP and the Jesuit Classical tradition. Mr. Gibson, Dr. Wood, and Dr. Heisler test a chariot prototype below!
The event is free of charge. CLICK HERE to register.