Students Win French and Greek Language Honors

Please join us in congratulating the students for these wonderful honors. 
Grand Concours 2020 - French National Contest Results
This week, we received the official results of the Grand Concours 2020 (French National Contest).  The following students, all seniors, have achieved national top rankings:
Silver Medal:  Jackelyn Baldwin
Honorable Mention:  Jessica Bastos, Angelica Diaz, Isabella Druckman, Harry Lesak
National Greek Exam Results
The Language Department is proud to announce that seven Saint Ignatius students achieved ribbons in the Beginning Attic Greek category of the National Greek Exam.  A total of 188 schools participated, including schools in Australia, Spain, China, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Singapore, United Arab Emirates and Taiwan.    
Adam Kus                        Blue ribbon,  Highest Award
Jay Meeker                      Red Ribbon, High Award
Jorge Hernandez             Red Ribbon, High Award
Kristina Dalton                 Red Ribbon, High Award
Aidan Prendergast           Green Ribbon, Merit Award
Rhiannon O'Keefe            Green Ribbon, Merit Award
Tommy Howard                Green Ribbon, Merit Award