SIMUN Wins 1st Place

The SIMUN team won First Place Best Large Delegation at the Carl Sandburg Model UN Conference (CSMUN) out of over 20 schools participating on Saturday, October 3rd. 
Individual Committee Awards
Best Delegate Award Winners  
Will Anderson in UNESCO
Kayla Bruckert in the FBI 1920s
Annabelle Graham in the Amazon 2020 Convention
Conor Daly in Ad Hoc
Aidan Evans in 1986 Chernobyl
Justine Rozenich in the Press Corps
Padraig Troy in the Supreme Court                                                                             
Outstanding Delegate Award Winners
Emily Greenawalt in UNICEF
Romina Pliner in UN Women
Matthew Erlec in SOCHUM
McKenzie Tomasik in UN Human Right Council
Michael Marafino in DISEC
Simon Leiderman in the IOC
Isabella Rosinia in the EU
Matthew McCormick in the Disney Plus Council
Colin Sullivan in Ad Hoc
Natalie Bruckert in the INNCO committee
Will Hoey in the 1972 Senate
Jack Greenawalt in the 1972 Senate
Honorable Mention Award Winners
Morgan Higgins in UNICEF
Michael Murray in DISEC
Lily Hirt in the IOC
Adam Akan in JCC South Korea
Nick Leese in the 1972 Senate