A Prayer for Victims

The past few weeks have seen the continuing scourge of gun violence in our own streets and across the country. Let us remember in prayer Adam Toledo, Jaslyn Adams, the FedEx workers in Indianapolis, the members of the Austin community and the bar patrons in Kenosha, among the countless others whose lives and the lives of their families have been forever altered and devastated.
Loving God, in these days, we contemplate your Son’s triumph over sin and death.
And yet, we cannot escape from the reality that these two enemies are still in our midst.
We are drawn to contemplate your Son’s passion and death once again in the killing of innocent victims at the hands of mass shooters, at the hands of gangs, at the hands of law enforcement.
In other parts of the world, we contemplate governments killing their own people.
We contemplate terrorists killing innocent people because they hold different religious beliefs, because they belong to a different ethnicity, have a different skin color.
We contemplate the innocent victims of domestic violence, of sex abuse, of rape.
We contemplate the state-sanctioned killing of so many unborn children through abortion and the killing of prisoners through the death penalty.
We contemplate the violence against the victims of the world with the same sorrow that we contemplate the violence against your Son.
Lord, we commend these victims into your hands.
Receive the spirits of those who have passed from this life to your eternal rest.
Comfort the families who grieve for them.
Heal the survivors of violence; grant them peace.
Bring the perpetrators to repentance.
For us who are witnesses of these things, send us your Spirit.
Turn our contemplation into action.
Turn our sorrow into works of mercy for the victims and their families.
Turn our outrage into advocacy for a change in laws that perpetuate violence.
Turn our helplessness into hope for a peaceful world.
We ask this in the name of Jesus, the Victim who overcame violence through mercy, Amen.
The Saint Ignatius College Prep Community