Why is the headline on this article “Fifty One?”

Because that’s how many freshmen this year can say they have a mom or dad who’s a Saint Ignatius College Prep alum — something special, for sure.
To celebrate that fact, and to bring the group together, one of those alums, Luke Molloy ’93, and his wife, Suzanne Yoon,  organized a gathering for the students and their parents.

Molloy, the father of Max ’26, said, “I wanted to have people feel included and part of a group, and build upon that.”

So they all met at 900 North on Saturday, September 10th for an evening of conversation, reminiscing and looking forward to the Wolfpack opportunities and friendships the parents hope their kids will find, as they did.

Rena Hui ’93 was in homeroom with Luke Molloy through high school.  Four members of their graduating class were at the gathering (you see them in one of the pictures with this article).

“It was a sense of a warm, welcoming community,” said Hui, mom of Rachel ’26, "Everyone’s interests are for our children - It’s another thing we have in common…The world has changed so much, but Saint Ignatius continues to teach our kids to do what’s right, and to be men and women for others.”

Joseph Mark ’86, was there with his son Tyler ’26, who looked at other schools, but chose Saint Ignatius, continuing a family tradition.

“I’m so proud of him,” said Mark, “That just goes to show you, the Ignatius community is a tight community.  We believe in the education and the environment.”

“It’s special because a long time ago our parents went,”  said Tyler, "We’re carrying on the tradition, and hopefully will pass it on to our kids.”

They are ties that bind within their family, and as part of the larger Saint Ignatius family.  President John Chandler made sure to take time to appreciate the generational commitment. 

Chandler said, “We're celebrating this new record with the 51 alumni families whose children have entered the class of 2026!"
There are more pictures of the gathering for you in our Media Galleries. Click here to view them.
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