Kristyn Hartman
Saint Ignatius College Prep has its own version of the show "Shark Tank." It's called "Wolves' Den," and like its television counterpart, it encourages entrepreneurs to pitch their business ideas.
That is why on Monday, April 24th, a panel of judges heard from the bright minds in teacher Chris Zuber's Ignatian Entrepreneurship and Design class.  

Teams have collaborated all year to develop original ideas in a trajectory that included research, marketing, developing financial information, running meetings, dealing with customers and ultimately earning some money. Along the way, members of the Saint Ignatius College Prep Business Society mentored the students, channeling their own experience to help the young people in a brilliant partnership.

Zuber said, "In this course, you get valuable and transferable skills that you can take into the real world."  

Anyone who came to the Wolves' Den pitch presentations saw that in action. Students got creative when it came to messaging about product function. For instance, the team members who came up with KYLIP - Keep Your Laces In Place - showed what could happen without one of their clips:  A presenter "tripped" at the beginning of the pitch, cleverly opening the conversation to the need for their product.

About all the teams, Zuber said, "I'm proud of them because they created a concept from nothing. They presented in front of more than 100 people. That's great experience."

Student Alexa Sandoval '23, agreed.  For her, it was a life-changing experience.

"Working in this class, on this project changed my mind regarding my major. I was going to go into the sciences, now I'm going into marketing. I loved being creative. It was nice collaborating and seeing how people work together.  It was great to get a taste of the business world," said Sandoval.

She wasn't alone. Her classmates were happy to share what they worked on all year. The audience learned about a range of products -- from custom table designs to those shoe lace clips.

Here are the judges' results from the Wolves' Den event: 
Most Quality - Lanyard Solutions
Most Professional - KYLIP
Most Investable - KYLIP
Mr. Zuber also awarded the following classroom titles:
Most Revenue - VAMP
Most Outreach -` Stormfits

The students work impressed Saint Ignatius alumna and Business Society member Terri Evans '94. She said, "These are our future leaders. They held their own in the presentations, and they fielded all those questions from the judges. The Wolves' Den offers a huge opportunity for students in terms of getting them ready beyond the classroom!"


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