Kristyn Hartman
“I am very excited about this opportunity to normalize talking about mental health, caring for yourself and caring for others,” said Prefect of Studies Sterling Brown.
His time at other Jesuit high schools taught Brown a licensed therapist can make a considerable difference on campus. He’s a big believer in showing students there’s “nothing wrong with having a conversation with a pro who can help you process what life has in front of you.” 

In today’s world, what life puts in front of our young people can be very complex. Social media, pressures to succeed, societal expectations and family challenges are among the things that can put mental health at risk, spurring a need to talk at a time when finding resources off campus is tough. 

So when Brown came to Saint Ignatius College Prep, he spoke with students and others about meeting the social and emotional needs of our freshman, sophomores, juniors and seniors. You’ll see the result of a year’s worth of conversations, when Stephanie Brennan, LCPC, begins her work with the Pack.

Brennan, a licensed therapist said, “Helping students socially and emotionally is a huge part of their development. The fact that Saint Ignatius is looking at this for students, shows it’s a culture that advocates for their needs.”

Beyond that, Brennan says she loves working with teenagers. You’ll find her here, at 1076 West Roosevelt Road, starting September 5.  She’ll be serving our young people on campus every Tuesday and Thursday from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m. The students she sees, will come to her on a referral basis from their school counselors.

“Her addition shows we listen to and are there for our kids in more ways than a test score,” said Brown. He’s glad Saint Ignatius College Prep can be part of a conversation that normalizes mental health and wellness in the pursuit of caring for the whole person. 

“Therapy is an act of strength,” said Brown, “Being willing to have these conversations, and being part of an organization that recognizes their value is an act of strength.”

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