Kristyn Hartman

If I only had a name...
No more wistful wishing for the Saint Ignatius College Prep mascot.

Folks who love the wolf gave the school’s furriest friend a new name. We say “new” because students voted to call the mascot “Wolfgang” back in 2019. It never really seemed to catch on, though, perhaps because of the Covid Pandemic of 2020. Whatever the reason, few people knew the wolf’s name which is why the mission to give the mascot an identity caught fire in 2023.

Flash forward to early January of 2024. Students had an opportunity to offer name suggestions for a ballot. In all, 814 people who wanted in on the naming rights, voted for Iggy, Wolfgang, Lobo or Wolfie. The big reveal was at the very end of the Winter Pep Rally.

Drum roll, please…

Former favorite, Wolfgang, finished second with 27.8% of the vote. Iggy won with 33.5%. The decision likely doesn’t surprise some alumni, who use Iggy (short for Ignatius) as a term of endearment for campus.

And that’s how the wolf got his name.

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