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  • Online HSPT FAQs

    How will I gain access to the exam/online HSPT?

    Students must register to take the entrance exam with Saint Ignatius. In the days following the close of registration (November 30 at 12:00 pm), students will receive an email including log-in credentials and test access information. The test will open at 8:00 am the date of testing at Students seeking exam registration after November 30 should contact the Saint Ignatius Admissions Office. 

    How can I prepare to take the online HSPT?

    Scholastic Testing Service provides a test tutorial that all students should view. Visit and click View Tutorial. Students can view the tutorial as many times as they wish. 

    The Saint Ignatius College Prep Admissions Office will be offering optional, live exam information sessions, including a demo of the online HSPT, to all registered testers the week of the exam. Zoom information sessions will be held on:

    Wednesday, December 2, at 6:00 pm
    Thursday, December 3, at 10:00 am

    The Zoom link will be sent to all registered testers with exam log-in credentials in the days following the close of the test registration period. 

    How does the HSPT work online?

    The online exam is self-guided and will be taken remotely by the applicant to Saint Ignatius College Prep. The exam includes the same five sections (referred to as subtests) and is framed by the same timing as a hard copy version. The primary difference is that the HSPT will be taken online and remotely.

    What do I need in order to take the exam?

    Access to high-speed internet and a reliable device. No additional software is needed. Testers do not need to download any applications. Scratch paper and pencil is recommended. Testing should take place at a table or desk free from distractions and disruptions. Make sure your web browser's pop-up blocker is turned off or disabled. Fully charge and plug in your computer or testing device. Calculators are not permitted. 

    Can I use any device to take the exam?

    Yes, any device (i.e., Windows or MAC laptop/desktop, Chromebook, iPad) with a modern browser (Safari, Google Chrome, Edge) and a reliable internet connection is all that is required. Students should not take the exam on a cell phone. 

    Can I take the exam from any location?

    Yes, the exam can be taken from any location with reliable internet access. However, students should pay attention to the time frame given to access the exam. The exam will open at 8:00 am Central Standard Time on test day.

    What is the order of the test? 

    There are 5 subtests within the HSPT. Each subtest begins with instructions and sample items that are not timed. Students should take the subtests and suggested breaks in the order they are listed, as follows:

    Verbal Skills – 60 items, 18 minutes
    Quantitative Skills – 52 items, 30 minutes
    5-minute break
    Reading – 62 items, 25 minutes
    Math – 64 items, 45 minutes
    2-minute break
    Language Arts – 60 items, 25 minutes

    How is the test timed?

    Each subtest is timed separately, per above. The student will begin each subtest by first reading the instructions and sample items. (The instructions before each subtest will state the time allowed.) The instructions and sample items are not timed. After the student finishes the instructions and sample items, they will click the “Start Test” button for the particular subtest and timing of the subtest will begin. If time expires before a student finishes a particular subtest, they will receive a message and the subtest window will close. All responses are saved in real-time, so your answered questions will not be lost in the event the timer runs out.

    How long is the exam?

    The HSPT includes approximately 2.5 hours of timed testing with 2 short breaks. The HSPT will open at 8:00 am on the date of testing and remain open until 12:00 pm - allowing the student time to complete all required steps, the five subtests, and take breaks. 

    Each subtest/section is individually timed. The timing for each subtest begins when a student clicks “Start Test” on a particular subtest. Separate from the recommended breaks, a student can take a break in between any of the subtests. 

    What happens if my internet goes out during the exam?

    Because the timer is based on when a student begins a subtest, the HSPT does not recognize when a student loses connection within a subtest. Therefore, if the timer for the subtest has started, it will continue to count down even if an internet connection is lost. All responses are saved in real-time, so your answered questions will not be lost in the event the timer runs out or internet connection is lost.

    Saint Ignatius College Prep will provide tech support throughout the testing period. In this case of lost internet connection, the student should contact Saint Ignatius to report the issue and navigate next steps. 

    Can I go back and check my work?

    Yes, the student can move back and forth within a particular subtest using the “Next” or “Previous” buttons or the “Go to” question function. See the STS HSPT tutorial to view this functionality. 

    The student clicks “Finish” when a subtest is completed. Finishing a subtest locks that subtest. A student cannot check work within a subtest once it is finished/completed. 

    Within the Reading subtest, will I have to click between screens to view a reading prompt?

    No, a particular reading prompt will appear on the screen for all questions to which it applies. 

    Is there an essay component to the exam?

    No, there is not an essay component/writing prompt administered on test day this year. 

    Will the exam be proctored?

    No, Saint Ignatius College Prep is not proctoring the online exam. 

    How is the timing of the exam adjusted if I have testing accommodations?

    Extended time is applied to the test session for any students approved for test accommodations. Timing is adjusted per section and the window of testing at large. For example, the testing window for a student with time-and-a-half accommodation (150%) becomes 6 hours. In this case, time allotted to the Verbal Skills section becomes 27 minutes. See the TESTING ACCOMMODATIONS section at Apply to Saint Ignatius for more information.
  • Test Day Troubleshooting Tips

    Common troubleshooting steps for browser/application related issues are:

    If you run into technical issues during testing, these steps help your device start with a fresh slate of information:
    1. Force Reload the page. (Ctrl + F5 / Ctrl+R / Command+R)
    2. Clear browser history, cache, and cookies. This article may be helpful.
    3. Log back in to the test. Quit / log out of the application and close the web browser completely. Make sure to close any other unnecessary browser tabs and running applications on your device.
    4. Try a different browser or device. If students have problems with the website, it may be due to browser compatibility issues. Browsers change over time so students should always use the most current version of their browser for testing. If technical issues occur, using a different browser may be a fast, easy way to address browser incompatibility issues.
    5. Restart the student’s device. If students run into issues navigating the test and all other options mentioned above have been exhausted, students can try restarting to see if it helps.
    6. Update the software and operating system. Companies are updating frequently now because of the demands of home learning, so make sure student computer software is up to date. After updating, restart the device.
    Common troubleshooting steps for internet connection related issues are:

    1. Try just one more time. Sometimes students click the trackpad or keyboard so many times which can make matters worse and result in the spinning/loading wheel. 
    2. Keep other internet traffic to a minimum during testing. Ask family members in the home to stay off the internet while the student is taking the test.
    3. Check your Wi-Fi signal. Students should ensure they have a strong Wi-Fi signal, or connect their computer to the ethernet cable. A high speed internet connection is required to test.


Class of 2025 Entrance Exam Registration - November 13-November 30, 2020
Class of 2025 Entrance Exam - December 5, 2020
Application for Admission Due - December 16, 2020 
Admissions Decision Notification - by February 1, 2021
Tuition Assistance Deadline - February 8, 2021
Tuition Assistance Notification - March 2, 2021
Enrollment Deadline - March 9, 2021
Freshman Family Meetings - Late February through March, 2021
Class of 2025 Placement Exams - March 27, 2021

Please note, dates are subject to change pending COVID-related circumstances as the academic year moves forward.

Application for Incoming Freshmen

Students who took the entrance exam with Saint Ignatius must complete the application for admission, due Wednesday, December 16, 2020. The application login link is located at the top right corner of the school website. Click “Login” in the upper right corner of this screen to access the application.

Before accessing this application for this first time, account credentials must be created. Refer to the email communication sent from with the subject line of: "Important Saint Ignatius Application Information - Your Username".

Entrance Exam

The Saint Ignatius College Prep Entrance Exam on Saturday, December 5, will be administered online. This decision has been reached out of consideration of our geographic diversity and ever-shifting health conditions. With many school partners/families committed to honoring grammar school cohorts or learning remotely this year, Saint Ignatius College Prep believes an online entrance exam is the safest way to limit student exposure and effectively administer the High School Placement Test (HSPT).  

Students must take the entrance exam with Saint Ignatius in order to be considered for admission. The online entrance exam will be administered on Saturday, December 5, beginning at 8:00 am. A makeup online entrance exam will be offered on Saturday, December 12, beginning at 8:00 am. Students can only test with one Catholic high school.

Registration for the entrance exam is required. As our registration form is now closed, students seeking exam registration should contact the Admissions Office. Saint Ignatius College Prep will continue to utilize the HSPT, now available in online form. The HSPT has five sections: verbal, quantitative, reading, math and language (English). Additional information regarding the administration of the online HSPT, including virtual information sessions hosted by the Saint Ignatius Admissions Office, will be posted in the coming weeks.

All students seeking admission to Saint Ignatius must also complete an application for admission, which will become available on Saturday, December 5, to students taking the entrance exam with Saint Ignatius. The application, including all required checklist items, is due Wednesday, December 16. Please see Application for Incoming Freshmen below to learn more about our application for admission. 

Any student in need of support regarding technology or internet access is invited to contact the Saint Ignatius Admissions Office to discuss on-site testing alternatives.

We look forward to facilitating an entrance exam that ensures the safety of all prospective students and members of the Saint Ignatius College Prep community.

Testing Accommodations

Saint Ignatius College Prep can provide testing accommodations on the entrance exam should a psycho-educational evaluation, IEP, or 504 plan outlining recommended accommodations be submitted in advance. Documentation, including the completed Request for Accommodations Form, must be sent to Mrs. Shana Del Toro-McCann, Learning Specialist at by Friday, November 20, 2020.

List of 3 items.

  • The Saint Ignatius College Prep Application for Admission includes:

    1. General student and parent information
    2. Responses to student and parent statement prompts
    3. The submission of scanned/uploaded report cards and standardized test scores
    4. Two electronic recommendations:
      • One Academic Recommendation from a current teacher, counselor, or your principal/assistant principal (Mandatory)
      • One Character Reference from another recommender of your choice (Optional)
  • Statement on the 2020-2021 Admissions Cycle:

    We understand that school closures in the light of COVID-19 have brought major adjustments to the delivery of instruction and implementation of assessments. Please be assured an understanding of these modifications and circumstances will inform this year’s admissions process at Saint Ignatius College Prep. 

    Traditionally, our application includes the submission of a final 7th grade and first term 8th grade report card, as well as a record of standardized testing from 7th and/or 8th grade. 

    For those applying to the Class of 2025, students will be asked to submit a final 6th grade report card, a final 7th grade report card, and a first term 8th grade report card. Applicants will not be penalized for “passed” (or similar) markings in lieu of letter/numerical grades from this Spring 2020 term. The same applies should adjusted learning and assessments continue into Fall 2020. Standardized test results submitted can also range from 6th-8th grade. The Saint Ignatius Admissions Office will gladly address additional circumstances and questions on a case-by-case basis.

    Saint Ignatius College Prep maintains a holistic admissions review process within which a range of application components are reviewed collectively and comprehensively. Application for admission will continue to include student/parent applicant statements and recommendations, and a review of HSPT entrance exam scores, in addition to the materials described above.
  • A student can prepare to complete the Saint Ignatius College Prep Application for Admission:

    • Scanning all report cards and previous standardized test scores and saving electronically as individual PDFs.
    • Considering who you wish to submit recommendations on your behalf. The Academic Recommendation and Character Reference are electronic recommendation forms emailed via the online application. In order to request a recommendation, you will simply need the email address of your desired recommender. Your academic recommender and character reference will receive an emailed link, directing them to an online recommendation form. Selected recommenders do not need to prepare a letter of recommendation. Upon completion, the recommendation form will be submitted directly to the Saint Ignatius Admissions Office. Each applicant is allowed one Academic Recommendation and one Character Reference.

Transfer Application

Saint Ignatius College Prep considers applicants for transfer to the 10th and 11th grades. Application is due June 1, 2021, with admissions decisions communicated within the month of June. Saint Ignatius does not consider midyear transfers.

In order to gain access to the Saint Ignatius Transfer Application,  please complete the Transfer Inquiry form here.

Requests to apply for transfer received beyond the above deadline will be considered on a case by case basis per space available. Please contact for further assistance.

Admissions Criteria

Any student seeking admission to Saint Ignatius College Prep must take the entrance exam with Saint Ignatius. The entrance exam score is important because our applicant pool is always a very large, diverse group of students from all over the Chicagoland area. Following the entrance exam, students will submit an online application. The application is used to submit previous report cards, standardized test scores, student and parent statements, and recommendations. The entrance exam score and online application contents are collectively reviewed for every applicant. Other considerations in the admission process include but are not limited to: Catholic heritage/school, family legacy/tradition with the school (sibling/parent), and adherence to policies of the school. Saint Ignatius strives to promote a 50/50 male/female population. Saint Ignatius admits students without regard to race, color, and/or country of national origin.

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