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Now is the time to start planning and building your legacy at Saint Ignatius College Prep

Endowments ensure secure, perpetual income for Saint Ignatius. People create endowments in memory or honor of a friend, mentor or loved one.  Alumni also establish them in the form of class gifts. Here's how they generally work:

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  • You donate money to an endowment

  • The funds are invested

  • Interest generated goes to the benefactor's chosen purpose

Prior to July 1, 2000, endowments were fully funded at $50,000. Since that time, they reach maturity at $100,000.

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  • Endowments for Financial Aid

    Many benefactors have a desire to establish a named, endowed fund with specific criteria to students receiving financial aid. These funds are designed to live in perpetuity and are directly invested into the Saint Ignatius endowment pool.
  • Endowments for People & Programs

    Our faculty, staff and coaches work together to offer a holistic student experience. In honor and recognition of these leaders, benefactors often desire to name and endow many of our staff positions such as department chairs, faculty positions or coaches. In addition, we strive to create endowments for all of our student programs and athletic teams. 

What you should know if you're considering establishing an endowment

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  • Saint Ignatius College Prep requests a pledge of $100,000

  • The initial gift should be $25,000 or more

  • We ask for fulfillment of the initial pledge within five years

What's in a name?

A lot. That is why we coordinate with you on your family's wishes for the name of the fund and the designation.

Our Promise to you...

We carefully steward the monies from your endowment gift. Draws from all endowments are steady and modest. The principal of your gift is protected, and the ups and downs that happen in a fluctuating market, average out over time.

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