Engagement Societies
Women's Society

Women's Society Philanthropic Circle

Philanthropic Circle Members
as of 10.11.23
* indicates lifetime member
Ms. Shannon Bartlett Arquilla '87
Mrs. Annie Barlow
Mrs. Kimberly Barry
Ms. Kathleen Bedore Bideaux '86
Ms. Maria Carr *
Ms. Elizabeth Donohue '88
Ms. Debra Evans
Mrs. Kim Flynn
Mrs. Sharon Gomez
Mrs. Deborah Higginbottom
Ms. Valoria Hoover
Dr. Mary Martin Lowe
Mrs. Sallie Luedtke
Ms. Gini Marziani
Mrs. Elizabeth Meyers
Mrs. Jacquelynn Michicich
Mrs. Suzanne Mulshine
Mrs. Syrivanna Ramiro
Ms. Darby Resha '89
Mrs. Dianne Risch
Ms. Ruth A. Snook
Mrs. Marcy Twardak
Ms. Annie Walsh '15
Ms. Mary Wilkinson
Ms. Mary Wilkinson
Mrs. Jan Botica Zekich '85
Ms. Heather Zimmerman

Saint Ignatius College Prep

Saint Ignatius College Prep, a Jesuit Catholic school in the heart of Chicago, is a diverse community dedicated to educating young men and women for lives of faith, love, service and leadership.