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“Since the origins of Christianity, sport has emerged as an effective metaphor of the Christian life: the Apostle Saint Paul did not hesitate to include sport among human values, which served him as a point of support and reference for dialogue with the people of his time. There are possibilities of introducing sports, games and other playful activities in order to lead young persons toward a deeper understanding of the scriptures, Church teachings or sacraments.

When sport is lived in a way that respects the dignity of the person and is free from economic, media or political exploitation, it can become a model for all areas of life. “When it is like this,” as Pope Francis said, “sport transcends the level of pure physicality and takes us into the arena of the spirit and even of mystery.”  To educate in a Christian way is to form people in human values in the whole of reality, which includes transcendence. The profound meaning of sport is that it can educate to the fullness of life and an openness to the experience of transcendence.”*

The Office of Adult Faith Formation provides an opportunity to just that. Our four year program promotes specific areas of Jesuit and Ignatian pedagogy for coaches which matches the faith formation journey of their student-athletes. Through the presentation of the Ignatian Pedagogical Paradigm, Union of Hearts and Minds, the Examen, and the Rules for Discernment over the course of the first four years, coaches are asked to reflect upon their spiritual lives in relation to their student-athlete, as well as their commitment to the Jesuit mission and Catholic identity.

*“Giving the Best of Yourself. A document about the Christian perspective on sport and the human person.” Link: The Dicastery for the Laity, the Family and Life.

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2022-23 details to come!

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