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The Ignatian Formation Program here at Saint Ignatius College Prep encourages all faculty and staff to continue to contribute to the Ignatian and Catholic vision of Jesuit education, both personally and professionally. Our goal is to foster a love of Christ through both program experiences and education. And our hope is that each employee, through prayerful discernment, will recognize where God is calling them today and be willing to share this grace with faculty, staff, parents, alumni and students in a professional and life-giving fashion.

Specifically, the program is designed to foster the companionship between Jesuits and lay adults in our community; to set a priority of the service of faith and the promotion of justice with a preferential love of the poor; to minister to each member of the Saint Ignatius community and their spiritual growth (cura personalis), and; to empower our adult community to share responsibility and continual renewal of the Ignatian and Catholic mission.

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  • Year I

    The goal of the first and second year Ignatian Formation Program is to introduce all new employees to the basic terminology of Ignatian Spirituality and Jesuit history and pedagogy. Through the examination of key points presented in the Spiritual Exercises, as well as reviewing the life of Saint Ignatius of Loyola, this cohort will gain a working understanding of the history and the themes of Jesuit life. At the conclusion of the first year, all employees attend the Midwest Province Ignatian Reflective Experience for New Employees (IRE) with fellow new hires from fifteen other Jesuit high schools throughout the Province. We consider this a bridge experience between the larger Jesuit network and community as well as an introduction to the second year of the program.

    Year I
    The topics covered in the first year include:
    The life of Saint Ignatius of Loyola; The Graduate at Graduation; Ignatian Pedagogy; An Introduction to the Spiritual Exercises; A Tour of the Church of the Holy Family; The Examen; Terms and Vocabulary of Ignatian Spirituality; Jesuits of the Past; Religious Life and Jesuit Formation.

    Text:  Do You Speak Ignatian? A Glossary of Ignatian and Jesuit Terms (George Traub, SJ, 2017)
  • Year II

    Year II
    The topics covered in the second year include:
    Profile of the Ignatian Educator; Key terms in Jesuit Education; Our Way of Proceeding document; Universal Apostolic Preferences; Jesuits of the 20th Century; Ignatian Prayer; The Spiritual Exercises: a closer look; Introduction to Spiritual Direction

    Text: “Ignatian Spirituality A - Z” (Jim Manney, Loyola Press, 2018)
  • Year III

    The goal of the third year adult program is to introduce faculty and staff to spiritual direction. Building on the foundation of the first two years, each faculty member will be paired with a spiritual director for a nine-month spiritual journey. Adults will be introduced to different styles of Ignatian prayer, including Ignatian contemplation and a deeper experience with the Examen. In addition, the Year III cohort will continue to meet monthly for shared conversation, study and prayer. At the conclusion of the third year, each person discerns—with the support and mentorship of the Adult Formation team -- their spiritual possibilities for fourth year.

    Session 1: Overview / Introduction to Journaling 
    Session 2: The “Six Paths” of Contemporary Spirituality
    Session 3: Desire in the Spiritual Life
    Session 4: Finding God
    Session 5: Friendship with God
    Session 6: Ignatian Traditions of Prayer / Ignatian Contemplation
    Session 7: Lectio Divina
    Session 8: Centering Prayer
    Session 9: The Colloquy and Gratitude
    Text: “The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything” by Jim Martin SJ (Harper One, 2010)
  • Year IV

    The goal of the fourth year adult program is to provide an opportunity to respond to the call of companionship with Christ both personally and professionally through the Spiritual Exercises.

    This year the retreatant will meet with a spiritual director for the 19th Annotation Retreat, a form of the Spiritual Exercises in everyday life, as well as a morning of reflection at the conclusion of the academic year. In addition, there will be regularly scheduled meetings with a small prayer group.

    For some, developing an Ignatian capstone project that contributes to the Jesuit mission of the school is also a possibility, which may include engaging in year-long service with students or adults; leading a student retreat; integrating prayer more intentionally into the classroom or coaching; and/or reading and sharing with the larger faith community a variety of Ignatian resources in a particular area of interest.

    • “The Ignatian Adventure” by Kevin O’Brien SJ (Loyola Press, 2011) 
    • “What’s Your Decision? An Ignatian Approach to Decision Making”
      by Fr. Michael Sparough SJ, Jim Manney and fr. Tim Hipskind SJ (Loyola Press, 2010)
  • Veteran Faculty

    • Invitation into the Formation Program or Spiritual Exercises 
    • Hospitality in Adult Spirituality Center (#322)
    • Spiritual Direction
    • Veteran Faculty and Staff Retreat
    • Religious Periodicals
    • Web Resources
    • Faith Sharing Group option
  • Soup and Substance

    “In the next ten years (2019-2029), the Society of Jesus wants to share with others this most fundamental discovery of our own lives: Jesus Christ. We want to help people find Him and to live His way. We want to accompany people as they discern complex choices in the social, economic, cultural and political spheres. We will help to create environments that favor free personal processes, independent of social or ethnic pressure. We want to promote in-depth study of the Spiritual Exercises. We want to give the Exercises in places of social exclusion so that people will know they are part of one family in solidarity with one another and with the Creator. We want to offer a deeper alternative to secularism. A mature secular society will allow a greater and better exercise of religious freedom, recognizing the complex dimensions of human freedom.”
    -- Universal Apostolic Preferences (Society of Jesus)
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