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Mathematics Department

A message from Mathematics Department Chair Sheila Walsh...

The Saint Ignatius College Prep Mathematics Department provides a robust offering of math classes from Algebra 1 to varying levels of Calculus. For our foundational courses (Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2/Trig) there is a non-graded math lab course for students to enroll in to receive extra support with the content. In addition, students can access the Math Resource Center every day, before and during school! We staff this center with members of the Saint Ignatius Math Department. 


"Mathematics is the alphabet with which God has written the universe."

Meet the Mathematics Department

List of 18 members.

  • Photo of Sheila Walsh

    Ms. Sheila Walsh 10

    Mathematics Teacher/Department Chair
  • Photo of Lena Beasley

    Lena Beasley 

    Boys Volleyball Coach, Math Resource Center Facilitator
  • Photo of Jennifer Boka

    Ms. Jennifer Boka 

    Mathematics Teacher
  • Photo of Kathryn Borg

    Mrs. Kathryn Borg 

    Mathematics Teacher
  • Photo of Margaret Brewick

    Ms. Margaret Brewick 

    Mathematics Teacher
  • Photo of Stephen Cahill

    Mr. Stephen Cahill 

    Math Teacher
  • Photo of Sean Curtin

    Mr. Sean Curtin 11

    Mathematics Teacher
  • Photo of Heather DeJonker

    Mrs. Heather DeJonker 

    Mathematics Teacher
  • Photo of Tom Dorrance

    Mr. Tom Dorrance 

    Mathematics Teacher
  • Photo of Anthony Evensen

    Dr. Anthony Evensen Ph.D. 

    Mathematics Teacher
  • Photo of Katie Hull

    Ms. Katie Hull 

    Science Teacher/MRC Proctor
  • Photo of Connie Koustenis

    Ms. Connie Koustenis 

    Mathematics Teacher
  • Photo of Alexandra Lehan

    Ms. Alexandra Lehan 

    Mathematics Teacher
  • Photo of James Owens

    Mr. James Owens 81

    Mathematics & Social Studies Teacher
  • Photo of Nicola Steele

    Ms. Nicola Steele 

    Mathematics Teacher
  • Photo of Todd Strobel

    Mr. Todd Strobel 

    Mathematics & Science Teacher, Head Boys Volleyball Coach
  • Photo of Patrick Winter

    Mr. Patrick Winter 

    Mathematics Teacher
    (312) 421-5900
  • Photo of Amy Zabojnik

    Ms. Amy Zabojnik 

    Mathematics Teacher
    (312) 421-5900

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