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A message from Theology Department Chair Fr. Brian Taber, S.J.

Fides quaerens intellectum - "faith seeking understanding. This motto of Saint Anselm of Canterbury (1033-1109), bishop and Doctor of the Church, expresses the goal of theology. All first-year students receive instruction in the basic doctrine and tenets of the Catholic faith. Once this foundation has been laid, sophomores are invited to study the history of salvation revealed in Scripture and culminating in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Juniors build upon their knowledge of Scripture and Tradition through a year-long morality course that exposes them to the history of ideas in tandem with lessons on how the Church responds to social issues. Seniors analyze how the other world religions approach the great questions of meaning and choose among elective options that apply the Catholic approach to science, the arts, social teaching, and the great religious charisms that animate the Church.

Pope Francis

"Clearly, theology is impossible without faith; it is part of the very process of faith, which seeks an ever deeper understanding of God's self-disclosure culminating in Christ."

Meet the Theology Department

List of 10 members.

  • Photo of Katie Davis-Crowder

    Katie Davis-Crowder 

    Theology Teacher
  • Photo of Rebecca Frett

    Rebecca Frett 94

    Theology Teacher
  • Photo of Patrick Lambert

    Patrick Lambert 

    Theology Teacher
  • Photo of Steven Lord

    Steven Lord 

    Theology Teacher
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    Mark Luedtke 86

    Theology Teacher
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    Michael McKeon 

    Theology Teacher
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    Renee Reyes 14

    Theology Teacher
  • Photo of Brian Taber

    Brian Taber 

    Theology Department Chair
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    Chuck Thompson 

    English & Theology Teacher
  • Photo of Tom Weiler

    Tom Weiler 

    Theology Teacher

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