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Diversity is more than skin deep. Although most people assume that diversity refers to addressing issues for people of non-Caucasian background, ethnicity is one aspect of diversity. The umbrella of diversity refers to issues with regard to ethnicity, race, language, religion, gender, socioeconomic background, sexual orientation, body image, appearance, personality, intellectual ability, physical ability, and political beliefs.
The role of the Diversity Coordinator is to provide, facilitate and support programming for diversity education in the Saint Ignatius community. This is accomplished through leadership of the ISEED student group, collaboration with various student groups and faculty committees, and participation in outside events and speaking forums. Several key Saint Ignatius programs that the Diversity Coordinator shares responsibility for are Mix-It-Up Day, Diversity Week, Festival of Nations, and Diversity Dialogues, Interfaith Dinner, and Words of Life/”Speak Life” Lenten Season Campaign.

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  • Location

    Students come from every neighborhood of Chicago, the surrounding suburbs, and even Northwest Indiana
  • 50%/50%

    The gender makeup is approximately 50% female, 50% male
  • 15%

    Approximately 15% of students hail from Christian, Muslim, Hindu, and Buddhist religious traditions
  • 31% +

    Over 31% of our students are of Asian, African-American, and Latino background

Organizations, Curriculum, and Programming

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  • Diversity Organizations

    These clubs provide students with opportunities to learn more about their own and others' ethnic, international, economic, ability and gender backgrounds.
    • ALAS (Association of Latin American Students)
    • ASIA (Alliance of Saint Ignatius Asians)
    • B.O.S.S. (Black Organization of Successful Students)
    • Circle of Friends
    • Club Erin (Gaelic and Irish Heritage)
    • Club Italia (Italian Heritage)
    • Club Ukraine (Ukrainian Heritage)
    • French Club (French Heritage)
    • German Club (German Heritage)
    • ISEED (Ignatians Serving to Experience and Embrace Diversity)
    • IVC (Ignatian Volunteer Corps)
    • VOW (Voices of Women)
    • Students Committed to Social Action
  • Diversity in the Curriculum

    Various courses at Saint Ignatius help students learn about and understand gender, other cultures, religions, and economic backgrounds.
    • African American Cultural Studies
    • African American Historical Perspective
    • African American Literature
    • American Literature and the Myth of the Melting Pot
    • Immersion: Social Justice Through Service Learning
    • Irish Literature
    • Spanish, French, Latin/Greek, Mandarin Chinese (World Languages)
    • The Voices of Women: Studies in Women’s Literature
    • World History
    • World Literature
    • World Religions
  • Diversity Programming in the Saint Ignatius Community

    • B.O.S.S (Black Organization of Successful Students) Anthology (St. Ignatius)
    • Christopher Christmas (Christopher School, CPS)
    • Club Asia Annual Show (St. Ignatius)
    • Day of Silence (St. Ignatius)
    • Diversity Dialogues (St. Ignatius)
    • Diversity Week and Festival of Nations (St. Ignatius)
    • Freshman Diversity Orientation (St. Ignatius)
    • Hunger Awareness Month (St. Ignatius)
    • Interfaith Dinner (St. Ignatius)
    • Mix-It-Up Day (St. Ignatius)
    • School of the Americas Protest (Georgia)
    • Words of Life/“Speak Life” Campaign: Lenten Season campaign encourages more awareness of how we speak to one another. Weekly scripture passages anchor this program. (St. Ignatius)

Our Goals

Contact for More Information

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